(Urgent) Someone copying your website! Here is the solution

"Quality content is the King" -This phrase is pretty much popular among Bloggers and website owners and it is pretty true as well. Most of the Bloggers and website owners spend their precious time writing useful content for their audience.

But there are some cruel minded people as well in the Blogging world who are lazy and idiot enough that they don't write their own content and just try to copy it from other websites and Blogs.

Someone Coping Your Website content!- Legal Actions You Can Take
Someone Coping Your Website!- Legal Actions You Can Take

These people just copy content from other websites and post it on their Blogs and websites without any information or notice to the original content owner which is totally illegal and unethical.

Some weeks back, we found a website in the Google Analytics reports of our website which was sending referral traffic to our website. (I usually have a habit that I always do check the websites sending me referral traffic and figure out the reason for the traffic)

All this is done by me to ensure that I don't get traffic from any spam website. When that day, I visited that website to make sure that it is not a spam website which is sending me the referral traffic I found that the website has just copied all of my posts. 

I was like, Are you idiot dude? Why you are coping my content? 

The good thing was the content and the website was not indexed at google and Hence it does not made me get any duplicate content penalty from Google.

But still as soon as I found that website I took a quick action and got the content removed from that website within 36 hours.

Today In this post we will talk about How you can get your copied/stolen content removed from the website who is coping your content by taking necessary legal steps and action.

Here first I have attached a short quick detailed video explaining all steps quickly and below it you can find all the suggested steps in detail as well.

Steps you have to take Immediately when you find someone coping your content:

1. Contact the website/blog owner who is coping your content:-  This is the very first thing you have to do when you find a website coping your content. You can look at the contact page of the Blog/ Website who is trying to copy your content and find their contact email. 

If you find the email or Facebook page of that website just shoot  the admin of the website with a polite message and ask him to remove all the content and also explain him all the actions you can do if he will not remove the content.

Do Let him know that you will get his hosting account suspended and you will fill a DMCA against him if he does not removes the content.

You can also comment in that website's comment bar if their is no contact details provided at the website. Once you have connected with the admin and messaged him just wait for an hour for a reply and if you don't get a positive response move to step 2 and step 3 and complete them.

2. Submit DMCA : You can fill a Google DMCA (Digital millennial copyright act) against the website coping your content. You can visit the link provided here and fill a DMCA against the website owner: Get your copied content removed- Fill a DMCA

You have to just fill a simple form with details like link to the original article, link to the copied url, your personal details etc. and it will took you some 2 minutes to do this and complete this form.

Once you have done this you can move to third step.

3. Contact hosting provider's legal team :-  After filling DMCA try to find out the hosting provider of the website who is coping your content. 

You can use this service to find hosting of that website: Whoishostingthissite.com

Once you find the hosting of that website you can contact the legal team of that hosts or simply their support team through email and explain them the complete situation. Usually most of the big hosts have such separate teams who deals with such issue so you can expect a quick reply from them.

In my case the website which was coping the content was hosted at name cheap. So I contacted the name cheap legal hosting team and asked them to remove the website and suspend the hosting account by providing them the required proofs and screenshots.

If that website is hosted at Blogger which is a google product you can report about it through this link as well: Removing Content From Google and get it removed.

Usually most of the Blogs and websites which are run by these copycats are hosted at Blogger as its a free hosting provider so this can work for most of you.

When mine own content was copied all these steps worked pretty well for me. Within some time I got a message from the admin of that website that he had removed my content. If your content is copied as well you can do try the same.

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