Freelancing: Make Money As An Educator/Tutor Online

Are you are a college student or a teacher who is looking for some ways to earn money online? Do you want to earn money by solving maths or science problems online or by solving class assignments online?

If the answer is "Yes" to all the above questions then you have landed to the right place because in this post we are going to make a discussion on the topic:- How to Earn Money Online By Solving School and College Level Questions related to Maths, Science etc. and by providing Homework help or by working as an Online tutor

Make Money as an Educator/Tutor Online
Make Money as an Educator/Tutor Online

We will talk about some pretty cool websites where you can signup as a tutor and make money as a tutor online and also about some other methods in which you can yourself make money by doing online teaching. 

If you are a college student then also this post will explain you How to earn money while studying. So Let us start the discussion:-

Methods Through Which Educators Can Make Money Online:

  • Work as a Tutor with Online Tutoring websites.
  • Setup your own Website, Blog and make money with Affiliate marketing and adsense.
  • Build a community of aspirants and make money from it by doing paid webinars and Affiliate Marketing.

So Let us discuss all these methods one by one:-

Make Money By Solving School Level Problems/Questions at Online Tutoring Websites:-

Toppr: Toppr is India's one of the most popular websites operating in the niche of preparation of JEE Mains and JEE Advance exam. (JEE Exam is considered as one of toughest entrance exams of the world and every year more then a million students appear for this exam)

Though, this website is basically for students who are preparing for competitive exams but they have something for freelancers as well. 

They have a specific corner dedicated to freelancers where they can signup for jobs like You can be an online tutor there who solve doubts and earn money, you can join them as a content writer or do some good typing jobs etc.

Here is the link to the section where you can  visit and make money as a Freelancer on Toppr: Join Toppr as a Freelancer

Basically they have two major job profiles. You can join Toppr as a typist or as a subject expert. 

If you join Toppr as a subject expert you will get a total of 15 INR for every text solution you will solve and 60 INR for every video solution. (Their pricing and payout system may vary) 

Note that before becoming eligible for becoming a registered  expert who solve doubts when you have to go through some short procedure. They will send you a assignment that you have to solve and send back to them within one or two days period. Once they receive your answers you will receive the further steps you have to perform to start making money online.

You will all this information in the registered email and there is not much need to worry about this process of signup up. : You can join Chegg as a tutor and earn good money by teaching students online. You can work in your free time on Chegg. Here is the link you have to follow to become an tutor there: Chegg! Become an Online teaching Expert

Not only this if you are a college student you can also look at their scholarship section and find some good scholarships as well. Here is the link to same: Chegg Scholarships 

Apart from Toppr and Chegg there are some pretty other websites like where you can signup as a tutor and make money. We have tested just these two websites so we are adding reference of them.

Along with these you can check this great list of websites where you can work as an Online Educator and Tutor and make money: Make Money Online as an Tutor 

Setup your own Website/Blog in Educational Niche

You can also setup your own educational websites. You can make a Blog with websites like and post notes, useful articles for students there and make money from same.

For e.g. You can use Blogger to make a free Blog on Educational niche. ( Here is the Guide you have to follow to make your Blog for free in 5 minutes: How to Setup a Blogger Blog )

Once you setup your Blog you can start sharing articles on it written by you. Later you can apply for Google Adsense and show ads on your Blog and make money. 

Also you can do Affiliate Marketing on your Blog and refer Books and courses to your students and make money from it. If you are interested in this I suggest you to read these articles once so you can understand How you can make money from Blog and Affiliate Marketing

Articles To Refer:-

Please note, If you make a Educational niche related Blog all you have to do is to write useful content and articles for students. You can also make a Youtube channel and monetize it to earn money.

If you are not good at writing or simply you just donot want to spend time writing content in form of articles or videos you can make a website in Educational niche offering some other services like Book reviews, tutor finding websites, educational forums, educational news or scholarship related websites.

If you want to get any such website setup for free of cost, you can shoot an Email to my team at: [email protected]

Build a community of aspirants and make money from it by doing paid webinars:-

If you don't want to setup a website or Blog you can simply make a Facebook or Whatsapp Group of students, write useful posts for them, do paid webinars for them teaching them specific lessons online and you can sell Ebooks to them as well.

For e.g. You can target a particular exam, find students from Facebook who are preparing for that exam and add them to your Facebook group.

This method works pretty fine as you have to not spend anything as investment. Also there is not much marketing needed in this. I mean If you make a Blog or a website you have to do spend time on marketing of your Blog in order to get traffic and views to your Blog. This can be time consuming but that is not the problem with Facebook group.

Once you form a good following you can do paid webinars for your students, write Ebooks and make notes for them and sell them and Hence earn money in this way.

Apart from this you can work as a Youtuber and share educational videos there.  One other thing you can do is register yourself as a tutor at websites like Fiverr or any other good freelancing website and sell your services there.

For e.g. There are many people providing English teaching services on Fiverr and their services are bought as well. Hence in the same way even you can work on Fiverr as a Freelancer

All this can help you easily make your living online as an Educator. If you have any questions or queries you can ask them to me in comments section and I will try my best to answer you.

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