Freldo - New Social Media Network For Business and Professionals

Freldo (name rhymes with the word "Friend") is a new social network which is currently available for people of United states of America and Canada.

It works pretty much similar to LinkedIn. You can add friends by sending them friend requests ( as we make connections at LinkedIn ), chat with your friends through the messenger, post and share pictures, post updates and do much more.

Freldo offers two types of social accounts. You can do setup an account as a business as well as an individual. For e.g. If you yourself do sell any type of services you can make a Freldo account as a business and accept orders there. 

Also there is an option to add reviews through which you can build a strong portfolio. You can also invite your existing customers to rate you there.

Freldo is Hence a social platform which helps you find the right guys. You can look for plumbers, hair specialists, electricians and other such service providers at Freldo.

Freldo's business model is based on the concept that You can make friends circles at Freldo. As you build circles, the aim is to feel inspired and take action. 

Later when you need to hire someone you can hire those guys which are already hired by your friends in the past. Hence the more bigger friend circle you have, the more better guys you can hire.

It also becomes your important responsibility that If you use a specific service or business nearby, you must leave feedback? If you can leave important information, the stronger the circle will grow. 

Since we always trust the opinions of friends, they’ll trust your recommendation just as you’ll trust theirs

You can use the search bar and look for your friends, colleagues and relatives. You can add them as friends just by sending them a friend request as we do at Facebook.

Hence, we can say that it is a mixture of goods of all the popular social networks and websites which solves daily day to day problems and keep you connected with your friends.

Here is a detailed video which explains you How it works:

Though the platform is available on Desktop only and also only for US and Canada people but still they are soon expanding to other countries as well.

Basically Fredlo is created to help ordinary people in fast search of reliable services and to help businesses increase their customer base. It is very useful for entrepreneurs who need to increase their customer base

The most important point that made Freldo special is that you don't need to spend money on hiring social media managers and other such things in order to increase your likes and followers.

Currently, Freldo is running a funding campaign in which you can also contribute. Here is the link to same: Support Freldo in developing their mobile application 

Also they have some extra ordinary return gifts for their contributors. If you pledge 10$ and more you will get 5000 Freldo points for purchasing goods and services on their network. In same way a pledge of 50$ and more will give you 25000 Freldo points. 

Pledging 100$ and more can help you get 50000 Freldo points.

You should surely contribute to their campaign if possible for you. Here I am giving the link to it again: Support Freldo in developing their mobile app.

I am sure you will never regret on your decision in coming future.
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