5 Best High Paying Affiliate Programs (Updated)

Selecting a right Affiliate program and then selecting the right products is mandatory in case you are looking to make some good bucks from Affiliate Marketing.

In my personal opinion, a good Affiliate program is the one which pays you at time, have good commission rates for their affiliates, works in more than a nation, provides you good support with a personal Affiliate manager, provide you customized coupons and promo codes and helps you grow your revenue. 

List of Best Affiliate Programs
List of Best Affiliate Programs


Currently, there are endless number of Affiliate programs available. Today, we will be looking at the list of 5 Best Affiliate programs of 2018 below and will discuss the reasons why you should join them.

We will also discuss the types of payment methods which these Affiliate Marketing programs support, their pros and cons and other needy things.

Top 5 High Paying Affiliate Programs:-

Here goes my list of Top 5 High paying Best Affiliate Programs:-

S. NoAffiliate ProgramOfficial Website
1ShareASale Affiliate Program  Join it
2Amazon Affiliate Program  Join it
3Viglinks Affiliate Program  Join it
4CJ Affiliate Program  Join it
5Growsumo Affiliate Program  Join it

 1. ShareASale Affiliate Program

With more than thousand merchants, ShareASale can be ranked No. 1 in the list of Best Affiliate Programs.

It is a multi merchant program and has more than thousand companies associated with it. There are both Pay-Per-Sale and Pay-Per-Lead merchants present in ShareASale Affiliate Program.

Remark: There are two types of Affiliate programs:- 
  • Single Merchant Affiliate Programs 
  • Multi Merchant Affiliate Programs.

Single Merchant Programs are those programs which when you join make you affiliate of a single company or a single brand only. For e.g. Amazon Affiliate program.  Multi merchant programs have hundreds of companies associated with them. Joining a Multi-merchant program like Viglinks Affiliate program makes you an Affiliate partner of thousands of companies like Ebay, Walmart, Puma etc. with a single Viglink Affiliate account.

Now coming back to the our discussion on ShareASale Let's discuss its pros and cons once by once:

Pros of ShareASale Affiliate Program:-

  • Thousands of merchants are associated with ShareASale. Hence with a single account you will become Affiliate partner of thousand of brands. 
  • Pay-per-lead programs are also included in ShareASale. They converts much better than Pay-per-sale programs and Hence if you are new in Affiliate Marketing you can work on them. A lot of other high paying merchants are also included
  • The minimum amount you need to earn before cashout is 50$ which is also not high.
  • Direct deposit. Mailed check and Payoneer are the options through which you can receive payment from ShareASale. Hence accepting payments is a hassle free process with ShareASale.

Cons of ShareASale Affiliate Program:

  • They usually don't notify through Email when any of the merchant goes offline. This is one of the major issues with them. (I have personally seen many merchants in ShareASale which goes offline few times a year and I personally hate that)

Otherwise their support staff is good and If you are a Blogger you should join this Affiliate program for sure.

To Join ShareASale Affiliate Program Visit this Link: Be A ShareASale Affiliate

2. Amazon Affiliate Program

The biggest E-commerce giant Amazon is running its Affiliate program from long time and every month they are paying hundreds and thousands of dollar to their Affiliates as commissions.

They have an Affiliate program for Amazon.com specifically as well as they have Affiliate programs for their specific country targeted stores. For e.g. Amazon India Affiliate Program, Amazon Canada Affiliate Program etc. are also available.

You can join Amazon.com Affiliate Program while living in India. In same way If you are living in some other country still you can be an Amazon.in Affiliate. 

Hence there is no limitation on joining a particular Affiliate program as per your geographical location. So you are free to select the right Affiliate program as per your target audience

Pros of Amazon Affiliate Program:

  • High conversion rates and good commissions.
  • Good support team to assist you.
  • Amazon Affiliate Program works for many different niches. For e.g. Technology Bloggers can promote technology related products, Books Bloggers can post affiliate links of Books and in same way Bloggers of other niches can use it as per their convenience.
  • Amazon Bounty program is a plus in which you can promote Amazon services to get paid. It is a pay-per-lead type program where you can promote offers related to Amazon and its services and make money. Usually they pay 5-10$ for every successful lead you bring to them.

                         Cons of Amazon Affiliate Program:

  • You have to join Amazon affiliate program individually for all the countries one by one. For e.g. If you want to be an Amazon India affiliate and Amazon Canada affiliate at same time then you need to make two different accounts at both of their Affiliate sites and need to get approval individually for both of them.

Otherwise Amazon Affiliate program has high conversion rates. You can follow this link and be an Amazon Affiliate: Be an Amazon Affiliate

3. Viglinks Affiliate Program

One of the best Multi merchant affiliate programs, Viglinks has a lot of quality merchants like Hostgator, Ebay, Nike, Motorola etc. associated with it. 

Getting approval for Viglinks is also not difficult. Moreover most of the Viglinks merchant are on Auto-approval. 

But in programs like ShareASale, very few merchants are at auto-approval. This means even after getting approved for a ShareASale account you need to get individually approved for most of the merchants.

The same does not happens with Viglinks and that is one good thing especially for Newbie Bloggers.

    Pros of Viglinks Affiliate Program:

    • Its the best multi merchant Affiliate program with a lot of high paying merchants and popular brands.
    • You can use their automation system to improve your Affiliate revenue. Automation system helps you automatically convert your potential affiliate keywords into Affiliate links.

    There is no particular limitation or issue that we particularly found with Viglinks.  They support Paypal accounts, wire transfer, checks etc for receiving payments. 

    Hence accepting payments from Viglinks affiliate program is a trouble free process. 

    You can follow this link to be a Viglinks Affiliate: Join Viglinks Affiliate Program 

    (Please note Check based payment option is for USA based accounts only.)

    4.  CJ Affiliate Program

    It is again one of the best multi merchant program with merchants belonging to all niches. All the merchants are high paying. Brands like Godaddy, Fiverr etc. run their Affiliate Program with CJ. 

    Pros of CJ Affiliate Program:

    • Hundreds of high paying merchants belonging to all niches with good commission rates.
    • CJ supports direct deposit in most of the countries. Option of  Payoneer and check is also available.
    • Their support team is better than many other Affiliate programs mentioned in this list.

    Cons of CJ Affiliate Program:

    • Account approval is hard.
    • Their Affiliate Dashboard is not that handy. 

    You can follow this link to be an CJ Affiliate: Join CJ Affiliate Program

     5. Growsumo Affiliate Program

    GrowSumo is a multi-merchant affiliate program with high quality merchants like Logojoy and Streak.

    Not much people are aware with Growsumo Affiliate program but still its good and genuine. Their support team is awesome and a lot of merchants are joining with them daily. 

    Pros of Growsumo Affiliate Program:

    • GrowSumo has more than 200 High paying merchants. They have high paying Pay-per-sale and Pay-per-lead merchants. Even some Pay-per-click merchants are there which pay you for generating clicks.
    • Minimum amount of money you need to earn to get the payment that you have to collect in your affiliate account is 50 USD. Payment is made through PayPal.

    Just like CJ Affiliate program, I even did not find Growsumo Affiliate program's dashboard much handy.

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