Install Google Analytics in Wordpress (With Plugin)

Google Analytics, no doubt is the Best analytics tool for Bloggers and webmasters. 

Detailed information about real time live visitors and the best traffic sources and detailing of other important demographics related to your visitors in the google analytics dashboard provides you a whole lot of good information about progress of your marketing techniques and also helps you to analyse the platforms on which you need to work a little more.

Google analytics can be used both with applications and websites. You can use it on a custom coded website, wordpress website, blogspot blog or wherever you want. Hence its inclusion is not limited to a specific platform or CMS.

In this post, we will talk how Google analytics can be integrated with a Wordpress plugin.

Configure Google Analytics in Wordpress

Basically in a Wordpress website, we can add Google analytics in three ways:-
  • Without a Plugin (Adding script to theme files)
  • With a Plugin ( Monsterinsights)
  • With a Plugin which helps you to host it locally (Best for speed)

In this method, we will talk about the second approach in which we add Google analytics with MonsterInsights plugin. This is a very light weight and simple to use plugin. 

Moreover, it has free plan which easily meet the needs of mostly all Bloggers. So Let's see how you can add Google analytics to wordpress with MonsterInsights.

Steps of Installing Google Analytics with MonsterInsights plugin:-

Step 1:- Visit the official website of Google Analytics and sign up there with your google account.

Step2:- After logging in, you are asked whether you need to use Google analytics to track your website visitors or you need it for your Mobile app. You can select website option from there. 

In the option of account name, you can use the name of your website (Like Blogging Surgery) so you can easily remember which analytics account is associated with which website of yours (In case you have multiple websites this is helpful for sure. In a single google analytics account, you can have 100 websites)

Step 3:- In the option of adding website url, you need to first select from http or https. If you have a valid ssl and your site loads at https (like then select https.

After that you need to select industry to which your website is associated and then you can select report time as per your time zone. In the option of data sharing, you can select as per your choice about with which services want to share analytics data.

After filling all these options, just click on Get Tracking id button. Clicking on this button will take you to analytics dashboard where you can see tracking id written at the top. (It looks something like UA-111XXXXX-11 )

Just copy this tracking id and login to your wordpress dashboard. 

Google Analytics Tracking code

Step 4:- In the wordpress dashboard, you need to click on plugins option. From there go to add new option and search for Google Analytics Plugin by MonsterInsights

You need to click on install plugin button and once it is installed click on active button to make the button active.The plugin works without any conflicts with multiple wordpress site installation as well. 

Clicking on activate button takes you to MonsterInsights dashboard.(Ref: Below Image)

MonsterInsights Dashboard.

Step 5:- At the first step you need to select category of your website . I am selecting the option of Publisher Blog here. After selecting the option, just click on Save and continue button.

At the next step, you click on Connect MonsterInsights button.(Basically we are signing up for free version of the plugin currently. In case you want to use premium version which comes with a lot of other useful options, you can visit here and buy MonsterInsights

Clicking on connect MonsterInsights again takes you on Google login page where you need to login and connect Monsterinsights with the same google account, you signed up for Google analytics.

You need to grant permissions to MonsterInsights to work with Google analytics.

Step 6:- At next step once permission is granted, you need to select the site which you are trying to connect with MonsterInsights and hit complete connection button. (Ref: Below Image)

Grant Permissions to MonsterInsights

Step 7:- Once connection is completed, you need to select the options related to settings of Monsterinsights you want.  In most of cases, you can go with Default settings. Later they will ask you for additional add ons and I will simply skip installing any addon.

Same goes with next step also where they offer WP Forms plugin. You should always install plugins only when they are needed. Plugins like Monsterinsights are well coded and donot compromise with speed but the case is not same with everyone. 

So to ensure safety in general, it is always recommended to keep the number of plugins as less as possible and install better coded plugins like Monsterinsights only.

Step 8:- Once all this is done plugin is ready to use. You should once go to real time visitors section of Google analytics dashboard and see whether it is showing real time visitors or not (Open website in a new tab and send test traffic yourself)

In 99.9% of cases, it will show you visitors which means the plugin is configured properly and that's the time to pat your back.

Usually within few hours, the MonsterInsights report section in Wordpress dashboard will start showing you data. MonsterInsights plugin is well supported with CAOS, a plugin used to host google analytics locally.

Though since it is light weight, it does not effect the loading time of your website which has been the major reason we are discussing it here. In case, you have some queries, or doubts you can ask in comments.

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