Success in my blogging career : Part 1

Traffic reports for blog- Blogging Surgery- The First Four Months

For a blogger who is blogging with full passion and interest in order to reach a large number of people around the world, getting viewers on his blog and a good feedback from them is just like a dream coming true. When I started this blog about Online Startup advice and strategy, Online Business and about SEO and Social Media Optimization my only target was to target a large number of people and I and my team are happy to announce that we are succeeding and moving towards our goal with a very good pace. Here below are the traffic reports of our very first four months in which our traffic reached from 706 sessions in the very first month to 5583 sessions in the 4th month. which is near to 8 times. Hence with hard-work and right techniques we got success and now we are moving towards our goal:

April Reports

This is the very first month of this blog. We are quite inactive at social platforms for this month as our main concentration is on our content. If you are also a newbie my only suggestion to you is to write some good amount of content first and then concentrate on getting traffic. If you have written only 2 posts yet and you are complaining about you are not getting traffic on your website then we consider this as an error on your part. Here are the traffic reports for April month in which we got 706 sessions with an average session duration of 3 minutes:

Traffic reports of blog for April-2017

May Reports

In the very starting of this month we were having 17-18 good posts so we started working on social media from this week. We also concentrated a lot on our SEO. Otherwise, still, our organic traffic increased as compared to last month. Here are traffic reports for this month:

Traffic reports of blog for May-2017

June Reports

This was the week of June vacations. We concentrated a lot on our blog during this month. Our main concentration was on SMO although but we tried to improve a lot in SEO as well. We fixed a lot of broken links, started recording of our visitors with Luckyorange Moreover, we changed to a new template in this month and the special thing is our hard work paid us and our traffic becomes approximately 5 times to the previous month. Here is the list of major social websites which we used to boost our traffic: Top social sites to get more traffic. Here are the traffic reports for this June month:

Traffic reports of blog for June 2017

 July Reports

 If June was an awesome month for us July was double awesome. Our blog got 5583 sessions this month and all was the result of right Social Media Optimization. We reached a large number of people through social websites. We wrote some posts about How to get traffic from StumbleUpon and How to get traffic from SpinSnap
The both posts are must read for bloggers and they bring us some good amount of clicks. We also got some traffic from spammy links in very initial days but later we updated our disavow file and disavowed all the links. This surely affected our bounce rate but still, the month was very good for us. If your blog is also getting traffic from unwanted poor links you can read this guide and get rid of them: Traffic from Unwanted links Here is the solution. Here is the detailed traffic report of July month:
Traffic reports for blog- July Month
This is our blogging journey for first four months. Let us know if you have some queries or questions to ask.
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Note: This was the first part of Success in my blogging career series. We will release new parts in coming months.