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Adsense is the Best paying ads network and is one of the primary source of Monetization for majority of Bloggers and Website owners.

Getting Adsense account approved can be exhaustive for many people especially for newbies because Adsense team is very strict with their Guidelines.

In this guide, we are going to discuss How you can get Adsense account approval for your Blogspot hosted Blogger Blog. Along with it, we will took up some FAQ's in the end.

But Before we start discussing things, Let us first break some myths related to Google Adsense. There are many people who believe these myths and Hence breaking these rumors is necessary.

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Myths related to Google Adsense and Google Adsense Approval:-

1. Adsense does not approves Blogspot Blogs before six months:- Many people believe this myth. Especially in Asian countries like India, Pakistan etc. it is believed that Blogspot hosted Blogs are not approved before their age becomes six months.

This is totally baseless and this thing is never verified by Google. You can surely get Adsense approval for Blogspot even before six months when you are using Blogspot subdomain.

2. You need a custom domain for Adsense Approval: This is also a senseless fact. Adsense approves Blogs using .blogspot subdomains as well.

These are the two popular myths which you should not believe. Now Let us discuss How you can get Adsense Approval For your Blogspot hosted Blog.

How To Get Adsense Approval For Blogspot (Blogger)
How To Get Adsense Approval For Blogspot (Blogger)

How To Get Adsense Approval For Blogspot (Blogger)

1. Get a Good Theme For Your Blogspot Blog: Theme is the very first thing that loads when someone visits your website. And some wise man has said, "First Impression is the Last Impression". 

Hence choosing a good theme should always be your first priority. Make note that its better to use third party themes instead of using official Blogspot templates.

There are many good free and paid third party Blogspot themes available. 

Lucy Beautiful Blogspot Template after removing Instagram widget from Top bar and doing other customizations becomes one of the Best Blogspot template in my sense. Rakiya Blogspot Template is also a very good free option to consider.

Relish theme for Blogspot is the Best Adsense Optimized theme but its paid. If you have some money, you can consider investing money in it.

(Once you get your Adsense account approved, you can change the theme as per your requirements.)

2. Content is the KingGoogle Adsense does not approves websites having copied content from other resources. They even do not support websites with Adult content, websites with cracked APKs and hacking related websites.

Hence, you should try to add original content written by yourself. Your all articles must be well written and you should try to be grammatically correct. You can make use of tools like Grammarly while writing to prevent grammatical errors.

Moreover try to add as much content possible for you before applying for Adsense. Having more than 10-15 posts is always a better idea because Adsense does not approves sites which are under construction.

While selecting theme also, make sure to select a theme which does not have much empty space. If your theme has empty space, fill it with different posts like Recent posts, Featured posts.

Hence try to fill up your Blog space with Blog posts and content.

3. Adsense does not like Crapola: Crapola is a term used for Blogs with content on unrelated topics. 

For e.g. If a writer is covering technology and food related articles under same Blog, we can term it as crapola as both of the niches are unrelated. Hence, you should try to cover related topics only. 

This will also help you to acquire some good targeted readers and will offer better experience to your Blog readers leading to more average session durations.

4. Get a Custom domain for your Blogspot Blog if possible: Buying a custom domain is one very important thing you need to do. It not only gives a professional touch to your Blog but the one other main benefit you get is a non hosted adsense account approved.

Adsense accounts which are approved for Youtube channels and Blogs with Blogspot subdomains are called Hosted Adsense accounts.

They work in the same way like a normal Adsense account works. But the problem is if you plan to open a new website in the near future, you will need to get adsense approval again for your new website if you will have a hosted account.

But.. If your account is non hosted Adsense account, then you can directly place ads at your new website and there is no need to get that website approved from Adsense team.

Hence, If you are planning to continue Blogging with a .blogspot subdomain only, then you can apply without custom domain. If you plan to continue Blogging for long time and you think to buy custom domain in near future, then you should buy it now only. Otherwise, you will need to get your Adsense account approved twice. (Once hosted adsense account for .blogspot domain and later when you will move to custom domain, then you will need to get Non hosted account)

(You can use the coupon code: BLOGSURGEON to get a domain name from Namesilo at cheap price with free privacy protection)

 Do add pages like Privacy policy, About us, Contact us etc. to your Blog. You can check our Privacy Policy and relating to it you can write one for your Blog as well.

5. Add Trust Factor:   Adding pages like Privacy policy, About us and Contact us etc. to your Blog can build a feeling of trust in the mind of viewer and can give a professional.

How to Get Adsense Approval For Blogspot
How to Get Adsense Approval For Blogspot (Logo Credits: Google Adsense)

Removing ads of other networks before applying for Google Adsense is also suggested. Especially if you are using pop up ads on your Blog or using ads of any other Ads program, you should remove them from your Blog.

You can later add them back once your Adsense account approved.

6. Miscellaneous: Apart from doing all the above customizations, you are suggested to add a good Logo and a good Favicon. You can also add a customized author profile at your Blog.

After doing all these customizations, there is a high probability that your Blogspot Blog will be approved by Google Adsense. Now Let us quickly look out at the FAQ's section of this article:-

FAQ's related to Google Adsense Approval:-

Question: How much posts I need to add to my Blog to get Adsense account approved?

Answer: There is no official limit ever mentioned by Adsense. You should try to add atleast 10 posts (with some 700-1000 words each) before applying for Adsense.

Question: How will I know that my Adsense account is approved?

Answer: Google will send you a mail once they finish reviewing your Adsense account application. In the message itself, they will mention that whether your account is approved or not.

QuestionIn How many days, my Adsense account will be approved? It has been so many days, but there is no reply from Adsense team?

Answer: Usually it takes 3-4 days but sometimes they take more than 2 weeks even. You can not do anything to fasten the process. Just keep checking your inbox and spam folder time to time.

Question: Adsense team says, "Site does not comply with Adsense policies" even when I have original content. What I can do to tackle it?

Answer: Changing your theme is the first thing you need to do. Apart from it look for those posts at your site which can violate Adsense's Terms and conditions and delete that content. This can be anything related to hacking or something related to even Online money making sites.

Question: Do I need to use a Professional business Email to apply for Google Adsense?

Answer: You can get your account approved even without a professional Email. Otherwise, If you need a professional business Email you can take help of Zoho mail to make one for free.

Question: I have applied for Google Adsense but did not got any mail till now. What to do?

Answer: You should wait for 2-3 weeks to a month. Do not forget to check your Spam folder.

If you still do not get any reply from Adsense team then you need to apply again and that possibly with a different mail.

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