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How to get Adsense Approval with Blogspot subdomain before six months

How to get Adsense approval for a Blogspot hosted Blog without a custom domain name:

For a Blogger, getting Adsense approval is one of the greatest achievement in his Blogging career. The one major reason behind the above statement is that Adsense is the Best paying Ads network and Hence is a major source of income for many bloggers. We also achieved this milestone recently but there was something special in our case. Adsense as we all know has strict guidelines. When adsense is approved for any website, a lot of points are taken into consideration by the adsense team. One such point is that a website must be 6 months old in order to get approval. That point does not work for websites with custom domains though but for Blogs using blogspot domain that point is surely considered by Adsense team.

Some 2 weeks back, when we were having some 40+ posts at our blog and all are getting good views and response, I was feeling bit sad by thinking that still we have to wait some more months to earn some money with adsense. We are surely not interested in trying other networks. So we decided to optimize our site for adsense and we applied for the program. They make us wait for 12 days, and on the 12th day we got this reply from adsense team:
              Congratulations! Your account is now fully approved

Getting Adsense Approval for Blogspot Hosted Blog
Getting Adsense Approval for Blogspot Hosted Blog

We achieved this milestone only because of you people who have spend your valuable time, reading our Blog and providing your valuable contribution by sending us feedback time to time. If your blog is also hosted on Blogger and you have not bought a custom domain yet, we have enlisted 7 important points below which you have to keep in mind before applying for Adsense in order to get approval:

1) "Content is the King": If your website blog just includes copied content from other sources, instead of applying for Adsense, we suggest you to better delete it.That will be useful for you as well for that person also whose content you have copied.
 If you are writing original content, we suggest you to add some good number of posts{atleast 40+ articles} in order to get approval. Articles must be well written and must be grammatically correct. The more content you have, the more easy it will be for you to get adsense approval.

2) Adsense does not like Crapola: Crapola is a term used for Blogs with unrealated content spread throughout the blog. All of your Blog labels must be interrelated.They look for informative blogs. I personally have seen many Blogs who are covering Fashion and Technical nice at same time. If you are a person with multiple interest, we suggest you to better cover your interests at different Blogs.
  Some Blogs with unrelated content are approved for sure, but most of them have large amount of content and they are using custom domains.

3) Change the Favicon: We suggest you to change the Official Blogger Favicon. Although it has no direct relation with Adsense approval but still it provides a professional look to your blog.

4) Change the theme: We suggest you to try changing the theme once, if your adsense application has been rejected by adsense team before. Frankly speaking, we do not think it is easy for Blogs using Soho, Emporio themes to get easy approval. For those who do not know about these themes, these are the themes which are released some time back by Blogger itself. Instead of that you can go for any third party service and you can choose one theme from there. Also with this, we want to make an Important Announcement that
In coming months, you will be able to download Blogger Templates From Blogging Surgeon Blog as well. These templates will be designed by us {Blogging Surgeon} and you will surely like them.
5) Add Important Pages: Do add pages like Privacy policy, About us, Contact us etc. to your Blog. You can check our Privacy Policy and relating to it you can write one for your Blog as well.

6) Traffic is must: If your Blog has some 50 page views only on daily basis, then it is not so easy for you to get approval. The reason behind this is very clear:

See when we have to advertise we look for that place where we can reach to more customer. In same way Adsense also looks for space at those Blogs where its customer can have maximum reach. So they mostly approve those Blogs which have good traffic.
7) No 18+ content: Your Blog should surely be free from any 18+ content. Otherwise there are no chances that you will get adsense approval. Even Blogs sharing dating tips, love poems and stories are not approved by adsense as it is against their policies.

Note: We got approval for program this week also. We are also publishing a case study on Adsense in coming 2 months. That will help adsense approved publishers to increase their revenues.

Even if after following these tips, your blog does not get approved do comment your Blog link below. We will try to help you in the best way possible.
Best wishes
Thanks for reading.
If you are reading my blog first time-This is Sahil- Blog Surgeon

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  1. The point "not work for websites with custom domains" underlined by you is not correct. 6 months old is mandatory even for custom domain though some blogspot or custom domain approved by Google team.

    1. Yes That is mandatory but I can provide you with a list of 100 of sites approved within 2-3 weeks with a custom domain

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