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News:- Cloudways Hosting Giveaway Worth 17,000$ +

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Cloudways which is one of the fastest growing managed web hosting provider is hosting a giveaway worth 17,000$ + amount. This giveaway does include useful tools and subscriptions to various plugins and services. Hosting credits from cloudways are also included in it.

Giveaway For Bloggers
Giveaway For Bloggers

You can participate in the contest by visiting the link here: Cloudways Grand Year-In-Review Giveaway  

To participate you first need to visit the above given link and submit your Email address to them. Later once your entry is confirmed you can look on different ways to add more entries in order to increase your chances of winning.

For e.g Subscribing to their Youtube channel will give you 10 extra entries. In same way liking them on Facebook, posting about them on twitter does.

The more entries you will have in the contest the more chances are there that you will win the contest. 

This is really one of the greatest giveaways for Bloggers, Web developers and other Internet professionals. You can enter in the giveaway till end of this March 2018.

Though they have not mentioned about any money prize in the giveaway but the tools and subscriptions are useful enough for every Blogger and Digital Marketer.

Here is the link for the giveaway page where you can participate: Cloudways Giveaway

The News is covered by Blogging Surgeon. If you have any queries you can ask them below in comments.
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Freldo - New Social Media Network For Business and Professionals

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Freldo (name rhymes with the word "Friend") is a new social network which is currently available for people of United states of America and Canada.

It works pretty much similar to LinkedIn. You can add friends by sending them friend requests ( as we make connections at LinkedIn ), chat with your friends through the messenger, post and share pictures, post updates and do much more.

Freldo offers two types of social accounts. You can do setup an account as a business as well as an individual. For e.g. If you yourself do sell any type of services you can make a Freldo account as a business and accept orders there. 

Also there is an option to add reviews through which you can build a strong portfolio. You can also invite your existing customers to rate you there.

Freldo is Hence a social platform which helps you find the right guys. You can look for plumbers, hair specialists, electricians and other such service providers at Freldo.

Freldo's business model is based on the concept that You can make friends circles at Freldo. As you build circles, the aim is to feel inspired and take action. 

Later when you need to hire someone you can hire those guys which are already hired by your friends in the past. Hence the more bigger friend circle you have, the more better guys you can hire.

It also becomes your important responsibility that If you use a specific service or business nearby, you must leave feedback? If you can leave important information, the stronger the circle will grow. 

Since we always trust the opinions of friends, they’ll trust your recommendation just as you’ll trust theirs

You can use the search bar and look for your friends, colleagues and relatives. You can add them as friends just by sending them a friend request as we do at Facebook.

Hence, we can say that it is a mixture of goods of all the popular social networks and websites which solves daily day to day problems and keep you connected with your friends.

Here is a detailed video which explains you How it works:

Though the platform is available on Desktop only and also only for US and Canada people but still they are soon expanding to other countries as well.

Basically Fredlo is created to help ordinary people in fast search of reliable services and to help businesses increase their customer base. It is very useful for entrepreneurs who need to increase their customer base

The most important point that made Freldo special is that you don't need to spend money on hiring social media managers and other such things in order to increase your likes and followers.

Currently, Freldo is running a funding campaign in which you can also contribute. Here is the link to same: Support Freldo in developing their mobile application 

Also they have some extra ordinary return gifts for their contributors. If you pledge 10$ and more you will get 5000 Freldo points for purchasing goods and services on their network. In same way a pledge of 50$ and more will give you 25000 Freldo points. 

Pledging 100$ and more can help you get 50000 Freldo points.

You should surely contribute to their campaign if possible for you. Here I am giving the link to it again: Support Freldo in developing their mobile app.

I am sure you will never regret on your decision in coming future.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Freelancing: Make Money As An Educator/Tutor Online

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Are you are a college student or a teacher who is looking for some ways to earn money online? Do you want to earn money by solving maths or science problems online or by solving class assignments online?

If the answer is "Yes" to all the above questions then you have landed to the right place because in this post we are going to make a discussion on the topic:- How to Earn Money Online By Solving School and College Level Questions related to Maths, Science etc. and by providing Homework help or by working as an Online tutor

Make Money as an Educator/Tutor Online
Make Money as an Educator/Tutor Online

We will talk about some pretty cool websites where you can signup as a tutor and make money as a tutor online and also about some other methods in which you can yourself make money by doing online teaching. 

If you are a college student then also this post will explain you How to earn money while studying. So Let us start the discussion:-

Methods Through Which Educators Can Make Money Online:

  • Work as a Tutor with Online Tutoring websites.
  • Setup your own Website, Blog and make money with Affiliate marketing and adsense.
  • Build a community of aspirants and make money from it by doing paid webinars and Affiliate Marketing.

So Let us discuss all these methods one by one:-

Make Money By Solving School Level Problems/Questions at Online Tutoring Websites:-

Toppr: Toppr is India's one of the most popular websites operating in the niche of preparation of JEE Mains and JEE Advance exam. (JEE Exam is considered as one of toughest entrance exams of the world and every year more then a million students appear for this exam)

Though, this website is basically for students who are preparing for competitive exams but they have something for freelancers as well. 

They have a specific corner dedicated to freelancers where they can signup for jobs like You can be an online tutor there who solve doubts and earn money, you can join them as a content writer or do some good typing jobs etc.

Here is the link to the section where you can  visit and make money as a Freelancer on Toppr: Join Toppr as a Freelancer

Basically they have two major job profiles. You can join Toppr as a typist or as a subject expert. 

If you join Toppr as a subject expert you will get a total of 15 INR for every text solution you will solve and 60 INR for every video solution. (Their pricing and payout system may vary) 

Note that before becoming eligible for becoming a registered  expert who solve doubts when you have to go through some short procedure. They will send you a assignment that you have to solve and send back to them within one or two days period. Once they receive your answers you will receive the further steps you have to perform to start making money online.

You will all this information in the registered email and there is not much need to worry about this process of signup up. : You can join Chegg as a tutor and earn good money by teaching students online. You can work in your free time on Chegg. Here is the link you have to follow to become an tutor there: Chegg! Become an Online teaching Expert

Not only this if you are a college student you can also look at their scholarship section and find some good scholarships as well. Here is the link to same: Chegg Scholarships 

Apart from Toppr and Chegg there are some pretty other websites like where you can signup as a tutor and make money. We have tested just these two websites so we are adding reference of them.

Along with these you can check this great list of websites where you can work as an Online Educator and Tutor and make money: Make Money Online as an Tutor 

Setup your own Website/Blog in Educational Niche

You can also setup your own educational websites. You can make a Blog with websites like and post notes, useful articles for students there and make money from same.

For e.g. You can use Blogger to make a free Blog on Educational niche. ( Here is the Guide you have to follow to make your Blog for free in 5 minutes: How to Setup a Blogger Blog )

Once you setup your Blog you can start sharing articles on it written by you. Later you can apply for Google Adsense and show ads on your Blog and make money. 

Also you can do Affiliate Marketing on your Blog and refer Books and courses to your students and make money from it. If you are interested in this I suggest you to read these articles once so you can understand How you can make money from Blog and Affiliate Marketing

Articles To Refer:-

Please note, If you make a Educational niche related Blog all you have to do is to write useful content and articles for students. You can also make a Youtube channel and monetize it to earn money.

If you are not good at writing or simply you just donot want to spend time writing content in form of articles or videos you can make a website in Educational niche offering some other services like Book reviews, tutor finding websites, educational forums, educational news or scholarship related websites.

If you want to get any such website setup for free of cost, you can shoot an Email to my team at:

Build a community of aspirants and make money from it by doing paid webinars:-

If you don't want to setup a website or Blog you can simply make a Facebook or Whatsapp Group of students, write useful posts for them, do paid webinars for them teaching them specific lessons online and you can sell Ebooks to them as well.

For e.g. You can target a particular exam, find students from Facebook who are preparing for that exam and add them to your Facebook group.

This method works pretty fine as you have to not spend anything as investment. Also there is not much marketing needed in this. I mean If you make a Blog or a website you have to do spend time on marketing of your Blog in order to get traffic and views to your Blog. This can be time consuming but that is not the problem with Facebook group.

Once you form a good following you can do paid webinars for your students, write Ebooks and make notes for them and sell them and Hence earn money in this way.

Apart from this you can work as a Youtuber and share educational videos there.  One other thing you can do is register yourself as a tutor at websites like Fiverr or any other good freelancing website and sell your services there.

For e.g. There are many people providing English teaching services on Fiverr and their services are bought as well. Hence in the same way even you can work on Fiverr as a Freelancer

All this can help you easily make your living online as an Educator. If you have any questions or queries you can ask them to me in comments section and I will try my best to answer you.

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(Urgent) Someone copying your website! Here is the solution

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"Quality content is the King" -This phrase is pretty much popular among Bloggers and website owners and it is pretty true as well. Most of the Bloggers and website owners spend their precious time writing useful content for their audience.

But there are some cruel minded people as well in the Blogging world who are lazy and idiot enough that they don't write their own content and just try to copy it from other websites and Blogs.

Someone Coping Your Website content!- Legal Actions You Can Take
Someone Coping Your Website!- Legal Actions You Can Take

These people just copy content from other websites and post it on their Blogs and websites without any information or notice to the original content owner which is totally illegal and unethical.

Some weeks back, we found a website in the Google Analytics reports of our website which was sending referral traffic to our website. (I usually have a habit that I always do check the websites sending me referral traffic and figure out the reason for the traffic)

All this is done by me to ensure that I don't get traffic from any spam website. When that day, I visited that website to make sure that it is not a spam website which is sending me the referral traffic I found that the website has just copied all of my posts. 

I was like, Are you idiot dude? Why you are coping my content? 

The good thing was the content and the website was not indexed at google and Hence it does not made me get any duplicate content penalty from Google.

But still as soon as I found that website I took a quick action and got the content removed from that website within 36 hours.

Today In this post we will talk about How you can get your copied/stolen content removed from the website who is coping your content by taking necessary legal steps and action.

Here first I have attached a short quick detailed video explaining all steps quickly and below it you can find all the suggested steps in detail as well.

Steps you have to take Immediately when you find someone coping your content:

1. Contact the website/blog owner who is coping your content:-  This is the very first thing you have to do when you find a website coping your content. You can look at the contact page of the Blog/ Website who is trying to copy your content and find their contact email. 

If you find the email or Facebook page of that website just shoot  the admin of the website with a polite message and ask him to remove all the content and also explain him all the actions you can do if he will not remove the content.

Do Let him know that you will get his hosting account suspended and you will fill a DMCA against him if he does not removes the content.

You can also comment in that website's comment bar if their is no contact details provided at the website. Once you have connected with the admin and messaged him just wait for an hour for a reply and if you don't get a positive response move to step 2 and step 3 and complete them.

2. Submit DMCA : You can fill a Google DMCA (Digital millennial copyright act) against the website coping your content. You can visit the link provided here and fill a DMCA against the website owner: Get your copied content removed- Fill a DMCA

You have to just fill a simple form with details like link to the original article, link to the copied url, your personal details etc. and it will took you some 2 minutes to do this and complete this form.

Once you have done this you can move to third step.

3. Contact hosting provider's legal team :-  After filling DMCA try to find out the hosting provider of the website who is coping your content. 

You can use this service to find hosting of that website:

Once you find the hosting of that website you can contact the legal team of that hosts or simply their support team through email and explain them the complete situation. Usually most of the big hosts have such separate teams who deals with such issue so you can expect a quick reply from them.

In my case the website which was coping the content was hosted at name cheap. So I contacted the name cheap legal hosting team and asked them to remove the website and suspend the hosting account by providing them the required proofs and screenshots.

If that website is hosted at Blogger which is a google product you can report about it through this link as well: Removing Content From Google and get it removed.

Usually most of the Blogs and websites which are run by these copycats are hosted at Blogger as its a free hosting provider so this can work for most of you.

When mine own content was copied all these steps worked pretty well for me. Within some time I got a message from the admin of that website that he had removed my content. If your content is copied as well you can do try the same.

Blogging Surgeon

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Unique Online Business Ideas For 2018

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When the whole world is moving towards Internet and everything is becoming digital, the number of online businesses is increasing at a very high rate. 

The major thing in all online businesses is that they keep the power of making you instant rich as compared to any physical business.

(Please note, there is a lot of hard work involved in making an Online business succeed. The above statement is written with respect to physical businesses)

This is the reason most of the people are searching for Online business ideas

Today, In this post we are going to discuss some unique Online business ideas which you will find exclusively here at our Blog. 

Online Business Ideas
Online Business Ideas

We will discuss following Online Business Ideas one by one:

  • Online Business Idea of Cyberzine.
  • Online Business Idea of a Digital Award Show.
  • Online Business Idea of a Book Store.

So Let us discuss all these Online Business Ideas one by one:-

Online Business Ideas: Running a Cyberzine on Whatsapp

The day is not far when Governments will need to take steps in order to limit the use of paper. 

This startup idea will operate with a target of complete substituting Newspapers with Online papers and magazines. ( Such magazines which are distributed online are called cyberzines )

Usually a physical newspaper which is distributed among people contains 20-30 pages and that newspaper usually gets useless in a day or two. ( Though recycling is done for sure but its better if we stop wasting paper and other useful resources at very first step. )

Basically this idea wants you to start an online newspaper ( or you can run a magazine too )  and distribute the magazine and paper digitally online.

You can use Whatsapp as main channel of distribution because Whatsapp does not offer news itself like Hike or other messengers.  Along with it you can surely use other digital sources of distribution. 

If you work on an Online newspaper you will need to publish and distribute content daily and if you work on an idea of Online Magazine you can publish it on weekly basis as well.

When it comes to revenue generation you can use the following methods to generate income from this idea. You can:-

  • Make money by providing space for ads in your newspaper.
  • You can charge a monthly subscription fees alike other physical newspapers
  • You can distribute premium content
  • If you make a website regarding same, you can monetize it as well.

Editor's Note: One major thing you will need to keep in mind is that If you start working on this idea you should make sure that you run a unbiased useful paper which covers only legit news.

There is no need to cover any shitty news related to Bollywood kids/Celebrity makeup news and other idiot content in your online paper if you want to make it a success.

Online Business Ideas: Organizing a Digital Award Show

With a rapid increase in number of Youtube channels, Blogs and Websites there is a need of an organization or a committee which rewards the best channels and content creators.

Though Youtube itself awards the Best content creators time to time by organizing award shows and by other ways still there can be an other party which does the same on timely basis at a national level.

Hence, as the title clearly  the idea revolves around starting a platform where Best Youtube channels and Blogs are rewarded. 

The award show should be country specific as the idea will be more feasible in this way only. Common people should be allowed to vote for their favourite Youtubers and websites and the winners must be rewarded.

You can work on this idea if you are someone with a lot of involvement in online working space. This idea can be used to generate revenue:-

  • By finding sponsors
  • Charging a small fees from the nominees
  • By accepting donations.

Editor's Note: Charging a participation fees will be very necessary in this case. Otherwise there are thousands and thousands of channels which are running in the Youtube space and if everyone will be allowed to nominate himself/herself it will be a bit difficult to organize the award show successfully.

Online Business IdeasIdea of an Online Book Store

This idea revolves around making an online Book store where student can sell and buy both old and new books.

Actually, currently there is no such reliable service where students can sell their old books at good price and buy old books. Hence there is a strong need of one such platform.

Following Additional Functionalities can be added to this Online business idea:

  • You can sell stationary at this store. You can provide customized stationary and do Print on demand as well.
  • You can provide students with an option to donate their old study material.

You can charge 5-10% of every transaction or sale that happens through your platform. It is better that you keep this transaction fees lowest in the starting days.

If you don't want to setup this as a commission model, you can simply make a store where people can students can post ads about their old material, books, notes etc. and sell it.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Contest For Bloggers- 2017-18 - Nominations, Prizes and Free Gift

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With increasing craze of Blogging among people of the world, there is a tremendous increase in the number of Blogs and Websites. As we mention in one of our startup ideas: Startup idea of an Online Award Show we think it is necessary that good Blogs, no matter whether they are just newly build or are there for years, they should be given proper recognition and prize for there work.

Although there are many Blogging Communities that organize such contest on monthly or yearly basis but in most of these communities only those Blogs which are there from long time are rewarded. 

There is nothing bad in that and old experienced Bloggers must get reward for there hard work but New Bloggers should also be rewarded so they can do Blogging with much more interest in coming future and the world can get more quality Blogs.

With intention to promote Blogging and inspire Bloggers, We organized an Contest For Bloggers. The contest was a simple online event in which decided to reward both new blogs and old blogs with quality content. There is nothing like 1st winner or 2nd winner in this. The contest was based on multi prizing system. So we decided to have multiple winners. 

Note that only those Blogs were eligible for the prize who submitted their application for participation during the nomination time by filling the Google Form provided at our website.

Here are the important dates for the contest:

  • Notification on : 4th October 2017
  • Nomination started :  13th October 2017
  • Nomination ended  :  31st December 2017
  • Results : 15th January 2018

The contest was sponsored by Cloudways and they decided to provide a small gift to our every participant and other Blog readers. They Provided a 10$ hosting credit for every participant. The hosting credit coupon is still active and it can be availed with help of coupon: iamwinner 

To claim the hosting prize, you have to first visit Cloudways official website. After visiting there, you have to select the hosting plan you are looking for. They offer cloud-based hosting services basically. 

So you have to pay only for what you use. While in other hosting services you have to first select a plan and pay for it. It is just like a postpaid plan. You first use the sim card for making calls and other requirements and later you pay in the end of the month. Same is with cloud hosting also. Now to claim your first 10$ hosting credit, you have to follow these steps basically:
Step1: Visit Cloudways

Step2: Choose the plan you are looking for.

Step3: Now click on Get started for free. You will see something like this on your screen:

How to use a promo code with cloudways
How to use a promo code with cloudways
Step 4: Now you have to fill up this form and also to click on got a promo code. In this option, Got a promo code you have to add the code: iamwinner

Step 5: They will ask you about your number. Later you have to verify the number with a verification code.

Step 6: Now you will receive an activation email in your Email account. Go on there and activate your account using the same.

Step 7: Now if you are trying to make a website with them and you are in need of hosting, you can choose the hosting service. They offer installation of WordPress in one single click. Once done you can easily install any other CMS also and link your domain with that.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Que 1: How entries  were  judged?

Answer 1: An entry was judged on basis of Blog design, Blog Content and Blog Frequency in 2:7:1 

Que 2: I use a .blogspot or .wordpress domain and has not bought a custom domain yet. Am I eligible?

Answer: Yes you are eligible to participate.

Que 3: If a Blog get less traffic but has quality content Can it win a prize?

Answer: Yes as we mentioned above 70% of winning chances depends on Quality of Blog content only so there are a great chances of you to win

Que 4: Can I get money prizes also?

Answer: No money prize has been decided yet. Although we have gift cards with us to award the winners

Que 5: I am under 18. Can I submit my entry?

Answer: Yes you can but you have to use email account of your guardian or your parents

Que 6: Are blogs in regional language eligible for participation?

Answer: No, only Blogs written in English are eligible. 

Que 7: Which countries are eligible to participate? Answer: Bloggers from India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Nepal, USA, Nigeria, Philippines, Canada and Australia are eligible. Blogs From any other country are not accepted.

Que 8: Within How many days I will receive the prize?  
Answer: All prizes will be dispatched within 15 days of results.

Que 9: Can I refer someone on my behalf?  
Answer: No only the owners of the Blogs are eligible to submit an entry. We will check whether the original person is submitting his/her blog or not by code verification method or by Facebook page verification method.

Que 10: Is there any fees for the contest?
Answer: No it is completely free to nominate your Blog

Que 11: I have a Tumblr blog. Am I eligible?
Answer: It does not matters to us on which platform your blog is hosting. If you have a good blog which offers better content to the readers you are surely eligible.

After two- three months long procedure it came the time to announce the winners. We admit that the contest was not a success for us as we don't get enough nominations. 
I admin of the Blog was even not active due to exams but still though we have less entries still we got two good Blogs which we things are worth to be rewarded. So we decided to give Amazon Gift Cards to two of these Blogs with Following addresses:

There were some other entries too but most of the Blogs are not updates from last months and some have their domains expired. So we choose these two as the final winners. We will award a 500 INR Amazon Gift Card to's Admin and a 250 INR gift card to's Admin

We know these are two small gifts but we are giving them with love and we hope they will accept them with love as well. We are bringing the same contest next time but with much more prizes. We hope next time it will be a good contest for both of us and our readers
Blogging Surgeon 
1. The nominations for this contests are closed now
2. We will do organize same contest next year with better prices

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Tailwind:Auto-Schedulers for Pintrest and Instagram- Review

January 09, 2018 0 Comments

Welcome to the  Episode 2 of our series "Blog Surgeon's Lab". Today we are going to do review Tailwind-which is an automated tool to post and pin at Instagram and Pinterest. 

Episode 2: Tailwind: A good autoscheduler for Pinterest and Instagram 

Social media has a very important role in providing traffic to majority of websites. When it comes to posting at social media in order to get website traffic there are various factors like posting at right time, optimizing content properly, optimizing your social media handles, adding proper tags etc. have major role in order to get more reach and engagement.

Autoscheduler for Pinterest and Instagram
Autoscheduler for Pinterest and Instagram

In this post, we are going to talk about Tailwind- A tool which can help you schedule your posts at social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest so that you can post right content multiple times a day and reach your target audience. Though it is a paid tool but it can be used for free as well.

What are the best things about TAILWIND?

Tailwind is easy to use. Once you connect your social accounts (Pinterest and Instagram) you don't need to login again to your social accounts to post there as everything can be easily managed from Tailwind dashboard. 

You can simply, install Tailwind extension in your browser and schedule and pins for pinterest directly without opening your accounts.

Tailwind dashboard provides access to other information like your followers growth, organic activity you are getting at your pins, impressions you got at your last pins and much more. 

They have a special tool through which you can generate a smart schedule. You can post at the same schedule they generated and get more engagement. Option to add custom schedule of your choice is also there.

Tailwind tribes (or say Tailwind Communities) is also a better option in which Tailwind members post their pins, reshare pins of other users, communicate with each other and Hence help each other to get more reach. Tailwind tribes are really help and I consider it as one of the reasons why anyone should try it. 

Tailwind welcome tribe has good number of members and you can get good reach by posting in that single tribe only. As the tribe feature is new so that is the most active tribe currently. You can create your own tribe as well.

Hence overall its a good tool and if you are looking for some good traffic you can give it a try.

What are the things I don't like about Tailwind?

The very first thing I don't like about Tailwind is that we cannot use it with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The tool is not made for those social media platforms and Hence if someone wants to manage his social media accounts of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram he has to depend on more then 1 tool.

One other thing I don't like about Tailwind is that I don't find its user dashboard much friendly. You will have to read the user base as the first time user before using the tool (Thats purely a personal opinion)

One last thing that most of people including me don't like is it is a paid tool 😜

Else other things are good and if you will try it you will come to know that really a good hard work has been done by the Tailwind team in order to develop the tool and then should be appreciated for same.

Pricing of Tailwind:

Tailwind pricing starts from 10 USD/month. They have bigger plans for agencies as well.

Final Ratings: 

I think a rating of 4.6 out of 5 is perfect to justify the hard work Tailwind team has done for this product. You can consider using this tool by visiting here: Try Tailwind- Instagram and Pinterest Autoscheduler.

Please note this is not a paid review and neither any of the tool we review in our episode Blog Surgeon's Lab is. We don't have any intention to harm the reputation of any tool and all of the posts are just personal reviews of the author.

I think that is enough for Today. Will meet you in the next episode.
Good Bye!
Blogging Surgeon

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

25 Perfect Tools For SEO professionals, Online Entrepreneurs and Bloggers

January 03, 2018 0 Comments

First of all, Wishing you a Happy New Year

With the end of holidays and arrival of New Year, its time to move back to our daily routine and jobs. In New year resolution, I am sure you people must have some goals which will be related to your professional life.

Today, I have created a useful list of Online tools and websites for Bloggers, Website owners, Online entrepreneurs, SEO professionals and freelancers which can help you achieve your goals related to your professional life in 2018. 

We will talk about tools belonging to following categories one by one:

Lead GenerationList of tools/websites which can help you getting more leads in 2018
SEOBest tools to do SEO audit, Keyword research and Backlink analysis
HiringBest places to hire freelancers and writers
Email marketingTools for sending email to unlimited subscribers
Social Media Optimization/Management/MarketingTools to auto schedule your posts plus tools which can help you getting more leads with Social media
Content WritingTools for writers and professionals
Designing/Editing/Video MakingVideo recording and editing tools
Drop shipping /EcommerceWebsites using which you can kick start your online business
CRMCustomer relationship management tools for businesses
Productivity/SavingsWant to be more productive or need a list of tools which can help you save money for a new car? You cannot miss this list

Category: Lead Generation 


1. Growsumo: If you want to launch an influencer program/referral program for your brand/company, Growsumo can help you to do that. You can launch an influencer/affiliate program with Growsumo in minutes. It can help you to get more leads and conversions and the best thing is you pay only when someone converts.

You can know more about it here: Launch an influencer program with Growsumo and grow your brand Brands like Evernote,logojoy etc. are using it for running their influencer programs.

2. PublicFast: Want to hire popular social media influencers from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Publicfast is the best service which can help you hire the right influencer from any domain including food, fashion, technology, entertainment and family.

Some brands like Samsung and HP use Publicfast services. You can too try these services for your own business. Here is the link for the same: Hire the right influencers with Publicfast

If you are yourself a Blog owner or someone who is interested in working as an influencer you can do join Publicfast. Here is the link: Be an influencer at Publicfast

3.  ShareASale: was launched back in some 1994-1995. Now when it is in one of the most successful businesses, most of the people and marketing experts, keep giving credit to their hard work, strategies of Jeff Bezos and support team for their success.
But no one talks about Amazon's Associate program ( Amazon Affiliate program ) which I think has played a major role in the success of Amazon. It was launched back in 1996. From 1996 to now, this program has played a big role in their success.

If you are also running a business online, you can launch its Affiliate program with the help of ShareASale You have to pay just a commission when someone brings you a sale and a security amount to launch your Affiliate program. If you really want to lead ahead of your competitors you must surely consider using ShareASale in order to launch an Affiliate program.

Here is the link if you want more details and are really interested in launching an Affiliate program for your business: Launch an Affiliate program with ShareASale

4. Grasshopper:  Grasshopper services help you to get toll free numbers in your businesses is in USA or UK. You can get a virtual phone number system with Grasshopper. For example, if you need a number on which when someone calls he is represented with options like press 1 for sales, press 2 for talking with customer support and so you can buy such number from Grasshopper.

There are tons of other features available and there is no need to install any hectic tool or software. A phone number can serve as a great call to action button especially when the number is toll-free. You can get a number for your business from here: Get a Virtual Phone system and get more leads  

Build mainly for businesses it will not cost you anything more then $24 a month.

Category: Search Engine Optimization

5. SEO powersuite: With features like Link assistant, Rank Tracker, SEO audit etc. SEO powersuite is best for professionals who are working on more than one website. You can quickly do SEO audit, track and compare the position of your target keywords in search engine result pages, check broken links and SEO related errors and do a lot more with this tool.

Though this is a paid tool, but its trial version is also good for doing SEO audit. You should try it for sure if you are someone from SEO industry. You can download it from here for free: SEO Powersuite Download for Free.
I have added a sample tutorial to use SEO powersuite ( Official tutorial ). Do check it as well.

6. KW finder:  Keyword finder is one of the most used tools by SEO's currently and in 2018 they are launching out Link miner feature for backlinks analysis ( which is in Beta phase ). Link miner is going to be a great tool for those who do use Reverse engineering SEO Techniques.

You can use the free plan of Keyword finder if you are a Blogger or a small business and your requirements are less. If you are a professional SEO, you can surely look at the paid plans. To try KW finder visit: Use KW finder for free.

7. Longtailpro:  You can use this tool to find low competition and highly profitable keywords. Also, it can help you to analyze your website and can tell you which type of  (means the high competition or low competition) keywords you can target.

Longtailpro's annual plan is available at 39% off if you purchase using coupon code: ANNUAL39OFF  . You can grab this deal here: Longtailpro's Annual plan at 39% off

8. Ahrefs: Ahrefs is one of the most used SEO tool by professionals these days. You can do research your competitors, do keyword research, check backlinks and do a lot of other things. Though costly Ahrefs is still one of the best tools in the market for doing SEO.

Category: Hiring

9. Fiverr: Looking for a logo designer or a content writer, or anyone to do some other tasks like Creating animated videos or whiteboard videos, Fiverr is the greatest place to hire freelancers.

You can hire quality freelancers for tasks like SEO, social media marketing, content writing at lower prices and after reading reviews of their previous works and after viewing their portfolio. Quality and dedicated Freelancers are available at a price of ven 5 USD at

Hence, In 2018 Fiverr is one of those services which will be going to be most helpful for small businesses who want to grow faster without involving in the typical hiring procedure or who just need small tasks to be done. ( Want to hire a Freelancer, Visit Fiverr )

10. Contentmart:  If you are looking for quality writers, contentmart is one source which can help you a lot. You can hire quality writers after checking their portfolio and experience. The best thing is you can get multilingual content services from contentmart and hire quality writers from any part of the world. ( Want to hire a Quality writer at cheap price, visit Contentmart )

Category: Email marketing

11. iiD : iiD is a good bulk mailing platform where you can send Emails to unlimited number of subscribers. You have to pay only for the Emails you send and there is no other additional fees. With a lot of other features, iiD is one of the best and cheap Email marketing tool when you have to send bulk emails and you have a lot of subscribers. You can try it here: Send Emails to unlimited Subscribers: Use iiD

12. Vertical response: If you have some limited number of email subscribers and you are not looking for bulk email marketing platform, Vertical response is best thing for you. You can create beautiful looking converting emails easily. To start using Vertical response for free visit here: Start Email marketing for free with Vertical response

One other email marketing service, you should try is mailchimp. Mailchimp is pretty easy to use and has a lot of features as well. The only reason behind me referring it as an alternate is its price. Aweber is one other alternate to mailchimp you can try.


Best Tools for SEO audit and Email marketing
Best Tools for 2018

Category: Social Media Marketing

13.  Tailwind: Tailwind is a tool to automate your posts at Instagram and Pintrest. By posting at right times, when your audience is most active, you can gain a good following with the help of Tailwind. Using Tailwind, you can schedule your pins at pintrest with a single click. Here is the link to their website: Schedule your posts at Instagram and Pintrest with Tailwind and get more traffic

If you are looking for something to schedule your posts at Facebook, Buffer is the best thing you can try. Hootsuite is one other good alternate.

14. Brand 24:  Their is a managed wordpress hosting provider named as Cloudways (Get 10$ hosting credit at Cloudways for free). The company grow exceptionally well in a small time. I saw a major reason behind their growth and that is their active team members.

One of their team members is so active at social sites and forums and I see whenever there will be someone mentioning about Cloudways he will be there for sure answering people and collecting more leads.

If you too want to do something same and generate more leads from social media, you can use Brand 24. It is a tool which notifies you whenever there is some mention about your brand or service online. You can use the same tool to get more brand satsifaction and generate more leads. You can give it a try here: Brand24 Collect more leads online 

Note: I am note sure Cloudways members are using this tool or not )

Category: Content Writing

15. Grammarly:  Grammarly has currently become the need of every Blogger and content writer. Not only professional writers, anyone who writes some words on his desktop or laptop needs it. You can do a lot of other jobs like proofreading, check plagiarism with Grammarly.

Used to remove and omit grammatical errors, its free version is more than enough for most of the guys out there. Professionals can surely opt for a paid plan which is at a special discount of 46% off till 5 January. You can get the professional plan at special discount here: Grammarly's Premium plan at 46% off Grab it before 5th January

If you are a student or a Blogger, you must have Grammarly installed there on your desktop. They have made it available for Andriod as well and that's good news for people like me who cannot afford Apple currently.

16. Cold Turkey Writer: Though this tool must be in the productivity category, but still I am mentioning it here. If you think that you get distracted while writing or you have some particular task to do or a project to complete but you are doing procrastination for a long time, consider using this. Here is the link to download button and its free to use it: Download Cold Turkey Writer

Category: Graphic design/Video making

17 :  Canva is the best online tool available for creating images, blog graphics, graphics and images for social posts and sharing, infographics etc. for free. You can consider using it for serving all your needs related to making quality images online. You can also download these images in any format you want.

18. Camtasia : Camtasia is one of the best tool for recording screen with voice. With a lot of professional features, camtasia is best for those people who want to make explanatory videos with their voice included in it or anyone who wants to make UDEMY courses or something like that.

It is easy to use software with which you can do a lot of other professional things. If you are someone in video making you can consider using it. Here is the download link: Download Camtasia.

19. Fleeq: Fleeq is a tool used to make videos with help of screenshots. You can add narration to these videos as well without recording your own voice. I have written about it just some days back in our series: Blog Surgeon's Lab. You can read more about it here: Fleeq: Make explanatory videos using screenshots

20. Logojoy: Logojoy is one of the best logo creator based on Artifical Intelligence. Logojoy company is making some 70k$ / month as a revenue currently. You can consider reading my this post if you want to know more about Logojoy. I have added a special gift within the post as well: Logojoy - The Best Logo Creator ( With Special Gift Inside ) 

Category: Drop shipping/Ecommerce

21.  Shopify: Want to launch an online store based on Dropshipping or Affiliate marketing or just want to start a POD (Print-on-demand business) shopify is the best place to do it. You can quickly make a store with its drag and drop features but the special thing about Shopify is not its features but the support and shopify plugins actually which can help you quick starts your dropshipping business in minutes. 

If you are also thinking of making a Ecommerce store, Shopify is the best solution for you. If you really want to be in this business, you can try shopify for free for 14 days. Here is the link for the same: Get Shopify Trial for 14 days

22.  Mozello: Shopify plans start from 29 USD and it can be costly from many people. So for all those people the best solution is Mozello. You can create a professional looking store, business website etc. easily with their drag and drop features. 

Their premium plan costs only 7 USD per month and that is nearly 1/4th amount of Shopify's basic plan. You can call it as perfect alternate to shopify. Moreover there are lot of other free things with Mozello including domain, Marketing features and the best thing is it supports all payment gateways.

Category: Customer Relationship Management ( CRM )

23. Streak CRM: When it comes to doing any business online, there are a lot of things you have to manage in your inbox. For all such things, Streak is the perfect solution.

It is free to use and you just need to install a single extension in your browser. You can track your emails using same and do a lot of other things. If you want to know more about Streak-CRM, you can consider reading this article written by me: Streak-CRM: Track whether someone read your gmail message or not.

If you want to try Streak- CRM, you can get it from here:  Install Streak in your browser 

Category: Productivity/Savings

24. Evernote: When it comes to increasing productivity, Evernote is one must application that you must have. You can create and save notes, add reminders and do a lot of other things with this easy to use application. Its both free and premium versions are available. I am using the free one and I think its more than enough for proper time management.

25: Rize: Do you want to buy a new car this year, or you are looking for buying a home this time, Rize can help do savings this time.

Rize is a good secure service on which can singup and create an account in 2 minutes. You can save as much you want start from 5 USD. The best thing is they donot have a particular set fees and you decide what you want to pay Rize. Launched back in mid of 2017 , it is one of the fastest growing service. To open a Rize account or to read more about Rize visit: ( Rize: Its not a bank, its a independent saving account available for US citizens. Start savings now and earn interest on savings as well )

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If you need any help with using any of the above tool or service, do message us with the help of chat option available in the right :)

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