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How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Online


How Can You Get Free Amazon, Paypal and Walmart Gift Cards:

Everyone loves to shop. But shopping is a lot more fun when you get everything delivered to your home for free of cost. Shopping without spending anything from your wallet is always a great feeling. In this post, I will explain to you How you can win Free Amazon, Paypal and Walmart Gift cards and shop at your favourite online stores for free of cost. In this post basically, we will talk about the most trusted, safe and legal way of getting online gift cards. The service about which I am talking about in this post is Swagbucks.Swagbucks helps users to earn gift cards for various services just by doing simple fun tasks like installing mobile applications, doing paid surveys etc. 

Free Gift Cards ( Amazon and Paypal )
Free Gift Cards ( Amazon and Paypal )

The process of starting and registration at Swagbucks involves very simple steps:
      1} The first step involves your visit to Swagbucks 
      2} After visiting there you have to register for that service. You can simply register at their website by entering details like Name, Email etc.

      3} After successful registration at Swagbucks, you will get a confirmation email from Swagbucks team. If you do not receive that email in your Inbox then you can check it in your spam folder. You have to click on the conformational link provided in the inbox to confirm your account.

Swagbucks: User Guide- How to use Swagbucks

Swagbucks works on the concept of Swagbucks points also referred as SB points. There are the points which you earn basically for completing a small task like a survey. For example, A 15-minute survey gives you a total of 60 SB points in total. Now in the same way you complete other tasks to earn more SB points. Every task you complete at Swagbucks will give you some SB points. Once you earn some good amount of these SB points you have to visit in the Redeem SB section of your dashboard. After visiting there you will see different gift cards which you can purchase with help of SB points you have earned. For example, with 500 SB points, you can buy a Facebook Game Card of $5. Even you can do charity with your earned Swagbucks points and buy gift cards of KarmaKarma, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation etc. We have also bought some gift cards for some charity through Swagbucks. Here is the proof for that:

Swagbucks Proof
Swagbucks Proof

There are a lot more good features in Swagbucks. Completing daily goals there is a lot more fun. Even there are features like if you earn some particular amount of SB points on regular basis and use Swagbucks on daily basis you will get additional credits in your account.

You can also refer your friends and earn some good points on Swagbucks by sending them referrals. You people now can also visit their website and start earning free gift cards. For registration at Swagbucks visit this link: Register at Swagbucks

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Sunday, 5 November 2017

15 Social Sites To Get Large Traffic To A Website : Part 1

Social Sites can send you a lot-lot of traffic if you remain properly active on them. Our website has got more than 16,300 traffic sessions only from Social sites from last 6 months (1 May-1 November ). The average session duration for these sessions is near to 2 minutes. Here is the detailed report of our website Traffic for these 6 months, about which we are talking about in this post:

Website Traffic Reports
Website Traffic Reports
Actually, when a website is new, it takes time for it to get traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. So its traffic entirely depends on these social websites.

In this post, I am going to cover those 15 Social sites which you can also check out to get a huge amount of Social Traffic:

1. Facebook: Facebook comes at top of this list. Our Facebook page and postings in Facebook Groups are major sources for us to get website traffic. Actually, I joined a lot of groups and I saw some of them are too active while others are just full of spammers. So I left those group of spammers and started posting in these active groups. Along with posting, I started talking with the members of these groups in the comments section and that brought me plenty of website clicks, Facebook page likes, Affiliate revenue and much more. Even I made a new Facebook Group some days Back for Bloggers to discuss their questions, thoughts and views on some point. You can be a part of it by visiting here: Join Blogging Surgeons Facebook Group

2. Google Plus: From Day 1, We are sharing our Blog posts in various Google Plus communities. Google Plus is my favourite because we can share the same thing multiple times in 100s of communities. On other social sites like Facebook, sharing 1 link in 3-4 groups collectively can even cause ban of your account.
You can too be a part of multiple Google Plus communities and share your revelant posts there. Post title must be catchy enough if you need some visitors. This is because many people share content there and the best out of the best get noticed only. Even you can make a Google plus community yourself. We too have a Google plus community assosciated to our Blog. You can be a part of it here: Join Blogging Surgeons Google Plus Community

3. Twitter: Twitter stands out at the third number in this list. Whenever we right a post which mentions a particular product we tweet about it for sure. For e.g. In one of my post, we talked about Cloudways 10$ free credit coupon. As soon as I finished writing the post, I tweeted about it by tagging cloudways in the post. Their social media team retweeted it and loved it. That bought me some extra impressions and click on the tweet. This is because when they loved the tweet, it became visible to their followers as well. You can follow us at twitter from this link: Follow Blogging Surgeon at Twitter

4. Quora: This website has a special place in our list. Though this is a Q/A site means people use it for asking questions and getting their answers, but I am considering it in social media sites because of two reasons. The very first reason is Traffic from Quora is considered as a social traffic in Google Analytics and second reason is more people use it as a social media and not as a Q/A platform.
Frankly speaking Quora is the best social platform currently existing in the market. My websites 30-40% traffic is from Quora. I never suggest anyone to just post links there as it can lead to blocking of your account. Instead of it, you can write some useful content in the answer and also add a google plus share link of your post. So first share a post at Google plus and then share that Google plus link at Quora. If you do this they will never block your Quora account and you will get good traffic as well. Otherwise it is a lovely platform with lovely users who post good content. So you can also be a part of it and share your knowledge.

5. Youtube: Youtube is the number one video sharing website. You can use it as a great source of getting website traffic if you use it wisely. 
Note that you can get website traffic from Youtube by two ways:
* By making Videos
* Without making Videos

a) Idea of getting traffic from Youtube by making videos is pretty simple. You can make videos revelant to your website or Blog niche and post them on Youtube by adding links to your post in the description box and get traffic.

b) You can even use Youtube to get website traffic without making a video. You can just post videos revelant to your niche that are ranking at top positions in Youtube search and engage with the audience. Let me explain you in details How to do this:

First open Youtube and search for any video related to your niche. A How-To video is preffered for this. For e.g. I search for What is Affiliate Marketing on Youtube and I see many videos. Now from this I will found those one which have lot of comments and admin is not replying to anyone. Now instead of the admin I will start replying to those comments with links to my post. In initial days I used this technique a lot of times to get great amount of traffic. Though it is time consuming but it can send you much amount of traffic.

Hope you have found this post useful.
Part 2 of this post will be available here soon and we will update you with a link.
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Saturday, 4 November 2017

How to add Disqus comment system to Blogger

A comment bar is that place where you interact with your readers mostly. Readers can submit their suggestions, feedback and advice through comment boxes. But if you have a comment box which appears unappealing to the readers and it is not user-friendly, chances are less that you will receive comments from your readers.
A good comment box must have following options:

1. Users can easily sign in or sign up and leave their comments without wasting much of their precious time.
2. Must be user-friendly where users love to engage in conversations
3. Moderators can easily moderate and differentiate the genuine comments from spam ones.

Now In this post, we will talk about one such third party comment system which has all the above features and which you can integrate to your Blogger Blog i.e. Disqus

So Let us discuss How we can add Disqus to A Blogger Blog and Import old comments from Blogger as well.

Here is the Step By Step Guide to do this:

1. Step 1: Go to Do visit and click on get started and make an account if you have not an account with them yet. You can even use your already existing Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account to register with them. Once registered do confirm your Email account by clicking on the link in the Email box you received.
Now click on the settings icon on the top right-hand side of your screen. Now go to the option: Add disqus to the site.

2. Now you will be redirected to a new page like this once: Add disqus to your site. Scroll to the end of the site and click on Get Started option as shown in the picture below:

Add Disqus to BlogSpot Blogs
Add Disqus to BlogSpot Blogs
Once done you will be redirected to a new page where there will be two options:
1. I want to comment on sites.
2. I want to add Disqus to my site

You have to select the second option. Later you have to add the website name to which you want to add Disqus comment system. Now you will be redirected to pricing page. You can select a free plan there. Even paid plans are there but free works well for most of the sites

Step 3: At this step, you have to select the platform on which you are running your Blog. As we are talking about Blogger, in this case, you can select Blogger. It will later open your Blogger Blog and then will add Disqus comment system to your post section automatically in the layout.

Step 4:  Now If you don't have any comments in your Blogger Blog, you have to do nothing else. For those who have some comments already you have to import the already existing comments also. 

Here is the complete Guide to do import already existing comments from Blogger to Disqus

To import your already existing comments at Disqus go to community section. Under this see the tools option below which Import option is there. Now again here you have to choose Blogger as your Blogging Platform and click on the option import comments from Blogger. You can see the below image for reference:

Import Comments From Blogger to Disqus
Import Comments From Blogger to Disqus

Click on import comment from Blogger. That's it. Now after this all of your comments will be imported automatically and disqus will be ready to use on your Blogger Blog.
You can do a lot with Disqus comment system. Blocking a particular user who is continuously posting spam on your site, monetizing the comments, checking analytics etc. all are those features which can add a lot to your knowledge about your readers and visitors
Hope this tutorial has helped you
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Friday, 3 November 2017

Complete Guide On Finding Sponsors For An Online Event

Recently we announced a Contest for Bloggers at our Blog. It was a high time for us when we get Cloudways as the official sponsor for the event. Cloudways is a cloud-based hosting providing service which is much popular in the technical world. Not only they decided to sponsor the event but they also provided us with a special promo coupon: iamwinner for all our Blog readers and contest participants which can be used by them to get 10$ credit at cloudways.

The route to finding sponsors is though not easy and we dropped more than  100 emails, unlimited tweets to various companies and in the end, we got a good result 😊
Actually, the problem is when you are someone not much famous celebrity finding sponsors, especially for an Online event, becomes a much tough job. So In this post, we are covering a detailed post on How you can Find sponsors for an Online Event when you are not a much famous celebrity in the Internet World.

How to Find Sponsors For An Online Event
How to Find Sponsors For An Online Event

Now before we talk about, How you can reach companies and make them sponsor your event it will be much better if we first talk What you can write in the message while pitching companies? So Let us first see a sample layout which you can use to pitch companies while doing sponsorship enquiries:

Hello Team,
This is XYZ, From Team Blogging Surgeon ( Add your company/Blog Name here ). Our Blog has a reader base of n number of visitors. We are organizing a contest/event for this group of people ( Add the target participants category here )
We are expecting some 100-1000 participants in the contest. We are looking for sponsors now. Every Brand which will sponsor the event will get the following credits:

Credit 1
Credit 2

and make the list of all the credits that the sponsor will get.
Here is the link to the event: {Link}
If you people are interested in sponsoring the Event do let us know.
Team- Blogging Surgeon
Mobile : +91 XXXXX-XXXXX

Don't show in any case that your only reason to get a sponsor is you are in need of money or like that. Neither there is need to discuss the sponsorship prices directly in the Email. Otherwise, you can directly copy this and edit as per your requirements and pitch various brands.

Here are the places/methods through which you can peep at companies/individuals who are looking for sponsoring an Event.

1. Use your contacts with Affiliate Managers: When you run an online business, you have a lot-lot of contacts. Your Affiliate Managers comes in Top of this list. If you are organizing a contest for Food Bloggers do contact your affiliate managers of all the food campaigns you are promoting. Same applies to Fashion, Technology, Sports and other niches. Chances are much higher that you will get a response from them and also if you have some good history in that campaign than it is natural that chances of getting them sponsor the event are also great.

2. List your Event/Contest at SponsorMyEvent: SponsorMyEvent is a great website which can help you to find sponsors for an online event. There are many Brands like Pepsi, Forbes, TedX, YesBank etc. already there sponsoring many events. You can post your event for free at this site and automatically it will be visible to many popular Brands

3. Do Pitch companies with an Email Message: You can use the same proposal I mentioned above and use it to pitch companies with an Email message. As It will be a hectic process for you to find the Email address for various companies, you can use Email extractor tool.
You have to just add the company name and it will extract all the Emails of that company whom you are looking to contact for some purpose. Note that you will be able to look at the Email address of those companies only which are using a company Email address. 
So what you have to do is to just make a list of all those companies which you think are appropriate for event sponsorship. Now using this tool  collect their emails and message them
This tool can save a lot-lot of time and free version of it will do you work.

4. Facebook Groups: You can also look for sponsors in the Facebook group. Do remember if you are not a much popular brand, never except sponsorships from companies like Google/Microsoft etc. It is always better to target new business startups who are trying to set up in the market and spending money on their marketing. Big companies already have their scheduling fixed for coming 6-8 months and Hence it is better now to waste time pitching them. If you are a well-established brand, then you can surely pitch big companies from your niche and expect a sponsorship.

5. Take help of unique professional platforms like Meetup: I have talked about already in one of my posts: How can you take your Online Business to A new level With 
Actually on Meetup mostly all brands are there. There are no spammers and all are professional guys
Same thing is with linkedin. So It is always preferred to take help of such professional platforms instead of overcrowded platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Hence using these methods you can find a sponsor for your event easily. Note that you have to look for sponsors not only for the sake of profit reasons that you will achieve after selling sponsorship rights but you will get a lot of exposure online when your sponsor will share about the event. This will also add a great feeling of trust among your participants about the event and about your Blog as well. 

Hope you have found this post useful.
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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

(Latest) A Complete Guide About Freelancing For Beginners


What is Freelancing -- A Simple Definition?

The very first time, some two years back when I searched for the same question What is Freelancing? Mr Google showed me some web pages which were showing length typical definitions of Freelancing with a list of freelancing websites from where I found it just impossible to get a job. It was a bad experience because the definitions were too tough to understand and I was thinking it is better to start studying Chemistry instead of these type of definitions😊

Now after two years, when I am covering the same thing on my Blog, I will make sure I will not write any typical definition here which makes you press the exit button. So Let us start the discussion:

Complete Guide For New Freelancers
Complete Best Guide For New Freelancers

Freelancing is earning money online by doing paid part-time jobs. Doing jobs like Logo designing, content writing, proofreading etc. online are examples of such type of jobs. A person who does such type of jobs is called a Freelancer. There are various Freelancing websites like Upwork, FREELANCER and Fiverr there. But getting a freelancing job for a beginner from these websites is not that easy as it looks.

Actually when a new person comes to know about Freelancing the very first thing he does is to search for freelancing websites. He gets a list of websites like Upwork, FREELANCER.COM etc. but when he signups there he sees that for a single job hundreds of people apply and he finds it much impossible to get a job from them.

Actually, these Freelancing websites have two types of members. Ones are free members and others are premium members. Most of the time it happens that only premium members get a job there. Even when you have signed up for a freelancing website you must have also noticed that these websites ask you to upgrade your account by entering your credit/debit card details.

See friends, this is a very natural thing actually. For these Freelancing websites, premium members are major sources of there earnings. Whenever someone buys a premium account it adds to the revenue of these Freelancing sites. So these websites are always designed in such a way that premium members get a job more easily than free members and that happens also. So when most of the people who are new to Freelancing world see this they got disappointed. They think that they cannot get a job at these sites and Hence, in the end, they do not Google more things about Freelancing. But the thing is Freelancing has a great scope. If you are a designer or a web developer, a Blogger or a Social Media Manager getting a Freelancing job is not that difficult as it seems at these sites because freelancing is not only limited to them. So Let us First talk the top ways which you can use as a Freelancer to get your first Freelancing job:

1. Facebook groups: Facebook groups are great lookup sources for those who are looking for a job as a freelancer. Although in these groups also too many people try for a single job, still the competition is too less as compared to freelancing sites. Also, the thing is they make you in immediate contact with the person who is looking for a freelancer. So If you are someone with great social talking skills and you can influence people easily then there are great chances that you can easily get up a job.

2. Your personal Blog: Let us say you are a web designer. You can make a blog to present your designs on your blog. Along with this on the same blog, you can add a "Hire me" section.
So those people who are looking for freelancers can contact you. Not only this you can represent your designs there and earn money by showings ads on your Blog. Even you can start a Graphic Designing Tutorial Section in the same Blog.
Hence it will help you to represent your designs and experience and when you have some awesome designs present at your Blog chances are great that more people will contact you and will try to hire you. The second thing is you can add this Blog link to your Freelancing profile present at various freelancing websites. This will increase your chances of getting hired from these Freelancing websites as well.

3. Look for those opportunities where no one looks: Some days back I was in need of some money. I started looking for a Freelancing job and I got a Freelancing job in just 40 minutes. 
Actually, there was a guy who started a new website. He was asking for feedback in a group. That group has too many Freelancers who keep pitching with the profiles for various jobs. But this time there was no one to submit a review of this site. I messaged him
" Hello sir, Your website is not yet indexed in search results. You have to perform some basic SEO to get your web pages in search results. If you will not do that you will not get organic traffic"

He asked me to help him. I charged him the price per hour and helped him in submitting his website to Google Search Console, optimized the images present at his website which improved his website speed and helped him to add a free SSL. 
You are also suggested to look at those opportunities where no one looks. This is a Golden rule for success in all businesses.

4. Freelancing websites: It is quite weird but still I place this method at the end of my list. If you want to pursue Freelancing as a full-time job in future you can move on these sites and even go for paid accounts if required. and Fiverr are both great sites where you can find Freelancing jobs. It is always suggested to fill a complete detailed profile when you are pitching for jobs at these platforms.

Hence using any of the above 4 methods you can easily find freelancing jobs. Along with this, I have also mentioned some Golden Tips below that you have to always keep in mind while doing Freelancing jobs.

#TIP 1: Take some payment as advance: Most of the time in Freelancer Groups many people share proofs of How someone hired them as Freelancer and once work is over they refused to paid and Blocked them. This does not happen on Freelancing websites as they coordinate the payment process but when you make the direct contact with the hirer like that from Facebook groups probability of getting cheated is great. So it is always suggested to take half payment as an advance. Remember the world is cruel so don't trust everyone blindly.

#TIP 2: Try to Build strong Profile: "Experience matters the most"- So whenever you are working for someone make it sure that you can add it to your resume and build great skills with that work. Though this rule does not apply for small-time freelancing jobs but when it comes to working as a freelancer for a particular company for 4-5 months try to ask them for a certificate/ or try to get a valid proof from the company.
This will build your resume and you can get your dream job in future easily and also you can make a strong Freelancing profile.

#TIP 3: Always work in some conditions: Recently an educational portal contacted me and said they need Freelancing services from my side. Along with this, they presented some Terms and Conditions in front of me which included sending daily written reports, proof that there is an average increase in organic traffic every week etc. Along with they said they will not pay me for those weeks in which traffic will be less from last week.
I politely refused to them and decided I will not work for them. The thing is not that I was not interested in working as an SEO or something other, the thing is such people want daily good results. Now suppose there is a Google Algorithm update. So 99% chances are there that the site will lose some good amount of organic clicks for some time. But they don't know anything about SEO so better it to work for a good boss.
Actually, the thing I want to convey is it is always better to maintain your own work standards. Look for terms and conditions seriously before accepting any freelancing job. 

Tip 4: Don't wait for opportunities, Go and Grab them: The sentence is so powerful and it also implies to every business. Instead of waiting for people to list jobs, look yourself for the jobs. For e.g. If you are someone looking for a freelancing job in the educational sector, just build an email list of these sites and contact them and ask them for a freelancing job. So go and grab the opportunity even before your competitors come to know about it

I hope you will find this Guide useful. We will come up with more such articles on Freelancing in Future.
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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Logojoy: The Best Logocreator ( Special Gift Inside Post )

Hello all,
Recently we got a new logo for our blog: One of my friends presented me it as a surprise Diwali Gift. Here is our new logo:

New Logo of
I hope you people have liked it. I was thinking from a long time to get a logo and I had already found some good online logo creator like: Logojoy but this time my dear friend saved my money by designing an awesome logo for my Blog.

Logos are the representatives of any business. An impressive, interesting and a meaningful logo can help your brand leaving positive vibes in minds of your customers.
When it comes to making logos, Logojoy has the made the work really simple. You do not need to hire a freelancer to design your logo when apps like Logojoy exist in the market. Neither it is necessary that you must be a creative guy to use Logojoy. Here is a simple guide on using this simple yet creative logo creator: Logojoy

1. Visit the official website of logojoy. You can use the following link to visit their website: Logojoy Website . There you have to enter your company name to get the logo. 

2. Now just hit the get started button. Now this will show you the magic of artificial intelligence. You have to pick up five or six samples of logos you like. 

3. Next option is to select the colours which you can choose as per your site design. Next, add the tagline. It is better to add catchy sentences in the tagline area instead of long sentences. Then you can add the icons you want and soon your logo will be with you.

You can design your logos for free with this Logo creator, add icons to it you want and give it final touch with other cool options. Later once you get your perfect design you can decide to buy that logo and if you want to own its full rights then you have to pay the price of the logo. Now here comes the special gift about which I was talking:

If you need a logo from Logojoy, use the code: greatnessnow and you can avail 25% special discount using this coupon code. It is for 25 first redeemers only. It can be redeemed from here: Get 25% off at logojoy: Special Gift By BloggingSurgery

Logojoy has served more than 1,000,000 people till now. So I think this offer is worth to be redeemed.

Now, this is about the working of the Logojoy which was quite easy and Now I will come to the most loving part of Logojoy i.e. their support. From their affiliate manager to their online technical support providers who provide live chat and support all people are awesome. The gift that I added above was on special request from their affiliate manager for our readers only. You cannot find the same coupon anywhere else on the web and it is the maximum discount coupon.

Now one important thing that I want to tell you here is when we purchase a logo from Logojoy or even any other logo creator we get the full copyright of the logo. But if you run a company then you have to also get a legally binding trademark for the same. For that, you have to contact your local copyright office of your country.
The good thing about Logojoy is when we purchase a logo from them we get a receipt so if any spammer uses our logo in future we can send him a notice.
Even if you are looking for some online job, you can serve your clients as a freelancer by making logos using the help of Logojoy and serve them high-quality logos within instants. Hence you can turn artificial intelligence as a source of money making machine for you. Most of the freelancers these days are using these creative logo creator tools like Logojoy and with the help of artificial intelligence, they are making strong freelancer profiles.

Thanks for reading
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Monday, 16 October 2017

6 Hacks To Improve Facebook Post Reach


How to Improve Post reach at Facebook

The most popular social media website - The Great Facebook is home to many businesses. All most all companies, Blogs, Websites, Artists have a page there. Millions of images, posts, links, videos are shared by these pages every day.

Now, most of the pages, especially those with lesser likes have a major problem. The problem is with post reach. Even though some of these pages share good content but still their post reach remains negligible.
6 unique ways to improve post reach at Facebook
Six Hacks to Improve Post Reach at Facebook

Some 20 days back, our page was having some 100 likes and every post we shared was just reaching 2-3 people on Facebook. I was sad and I decided to find a solution to the problem. And I succeeded in that too. Now our page is having some 170 likes ( As noted on 16-10-2017 ) and our last post which is just a simple link reached to more than 1220 people without spending a single buck on Facebook adverts. 

How to increase post reach at Facebook
How to increase post reach at Facebook

Same happened with our second last post which reached 1495 people ( as noted on 16-10-17 ). 
Hence our posts which were reaching only 5-6 people started reaching 1000+ people which was really a great hike in post reach.
Now in this post, we will share with you some unknown secrets that can help you to improve your post reach at Facebook

1. Add your Preferred Page Audience in Facebook: Most of the people have not set their Preferred Page Audience on Facebook. This leads to a bad effect on both the post reach and post engagement.
In order to set your preferred page audience, you have to go the settings section of your page. There you have to select the preferred page audience section on the left side. There you have to select your targeted locations, your targeted audience on basis of interests and age. 
This really helps to put your content in front of the right people. So If you have not set your preferred page audience till now,  I think it is the time to log in to your Facebook page and do that.

2. Try to maintain good ratings/reviews of your page: When someone likes your page, directly send them a message to rate your page if possible. Even whenever I have a chat with any of my blog readers or my followers at Facebook, I do ask them to rate my page. Till now our Facebook page is maintaining a good 5 out of 5-star ratings and Hopefully, we will maintain it in future. Pages with good ratings are considered better by Facebook.

3. Share all types of content: It is always suggested by Facebook to share different types of media. Instead of only sharing links it is suggested to share images and videos only. 
Also, it is must to note here that Videos and Images have a better reach at Facebook then links. 
Though we surely agree that it is not possible to share videos on every page because the making of a videos consumes time and also you cannot make a video out of everything but still you should never miss an opportunity to share a video. For e.g. If your targeted audience is India and a festival is coming which all Indians love then there is nothing bad in making a small video at it and sharing it on your page. Through this, you can express love towards your audience, get more page likes and reach much more people

4. Be Responsive To Message- Send Health Signals To Facebook:  Whenever someone messages you at your page, it becomes your duty to reply them as soon as possible. This shows your sincere behaviour towards your readers and followers and sends health messages to Facebook.
The pages which reply faster are awarded by Facebook with a Very responsive to messages badge.
Actually, Facebook was designed in such a way that better pages which get updated regularly surely get more exposure than the pages which are outdated and non-serious towards their followers.

5. Post about the trending topics: In your Facebook Home, you can see a small section on the right-hand side about the trending topics. It is always better to post about the trending topics. Though it is not possible to post every time about these trending topics or content related to them still you should never lose an opportunity to post about these trending topics whenever possible.

6. Facebook Adverts:  When nothing works there are Facebook Ads to save you. You can boost the post reach of any of your Facebook pages in just a few dollars. 

Now it is your time to try these methods and we would love to hear your results in the comments sections
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Thanks for your precious time
Blogging Surgeon

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

How can I claim my 10$ hosting credit from cloudways

Cloudways joined us as official sponsors of the event. They decided that they will give 10$ hosting credit to our each participant and reader. Here is a detailed guide using which you can also use the promo code: iamwinner and claim the prize.

To claim your prize, you have to first visit Cloudways official website. After visiting there, you have to select the hosting plan you are looking for. They offer cloud-based hosting services basically. So you have to pay only for what you use. While in other hosting services you have to first select a plan and pay for it. It is just like a postpaid plan. You first use the sim card for making calls and other requirements and later you pay in the end of the month. Same is with cloud hosting also. Now to claim your first 10$ hosting credit, you have to follow these steps basically:
Step1: Visit Cloudways

Step2: Choose the plan you are looking for.

Step3: Now click on Get started for free. You will see something like this on your screen:

How to use a promo code with cloudways
How to use a promo code with cloudways
Step 4: Now you have to fill up this form and also to click on got a promo code. In this option, Got a promo code you have to add the code: iamwinner.

Step 5: They will ask you about your number. Later you have to verify the number with a verification code also.

Step 6: Now you will receive an activation email in your Email account also. Go on there and activate your account using the same.

Step 7: Now if you are trying to make a website with them and you are in need of hosting, you can choose the hosting service from them very easily. They offer installation of WordPress in one single click. Once done you can easily install any other CMS also and link your domain with that

Thanks for your precious time
Blogging Surgeon

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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Nominate Your Blog for Bloggers Contest 2017- Hosted By Blogging Surgery


How To Nominate Your Blog for Best Blogger Awards: Hosted By Blogging Surgery

Some days back we made the notification regarding Blogger Awards  It is a competition/contest for Bloggers to get recognized and win Gift Cards, Prizes and other goodies including pen drives, Tshirts etc.

Contest For Bloggers
Nominate Your Blog for Blogger Awards

As expected we got an overwhelming response regarding the award show and now it is the time to start nomination for the Blogger Awards. To nominate your blogs you have to follow the following procedure:
There are total 2 Steps involved in this that you have to follow one by one to nominate your blog:

Step 1: Verify your ownership:

As mentioned in our last post and notification of the event we made very clear that only a Blog admin can submit his/ her blog for the event. This is because we donot want someone to win a prize on behalf of someone others work. Hence this is why we have added a site verification procedure in this. To verify that you are the admin of the Blog you nominated you can choose any of the methods listed below:

a) Add code to your website to show you are the owner : The very first method you can use to verify the ownership is this method. You have to add the following code on your Blog. It will start showing a beautiful banner of size 200 x 200 on your Blog just alike adsense show small ads. It will be written on the banner that,

This Blog Is Nominated For Best Bloggers Contest - Hosted at
To add this banner on your website you can use this following code and insert it in your Blog sidebar or any other place where it looks cool.


<script type="text/javascript">
var bannersnack_embed = {"hash":"bc30o585x","width":200,"height":200,"t":1509095858,"userId":31501016,"type":"html5"};
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script> 

Why You have to add this code and what benefits it will give you?

  1) This code is to ensure that only the admin is submitting his/her blog.

  2) Posts of Blogs with this code will be in our Newsletter and will be shared with our audience. Hence it is a great chance to get some traffic.
  3) This will help you to gain more traffic and audience in return.

b) If you don't want to add this code, no issues there are other methods also through which you can verify the site ownership instead of the above method. You can share on your Facebook page about the contest and mention that your Blog is also nominated for the contest.

These are the two methods you can follow to nominate your Blog. Later you have to move to second step in which you have to fill a google form. It is the last step of this procedure.

Step 2: Fill this Google Form

Now you have to visit this link and fill this form:

In this form, you have to add your name, your Blog address (website URL), your Blogging niche ( we have prizes for all niche Blogs, so this is mandatory) and your Facebook page. We need your Facebook page link only if you have not added the code mentioned at step 1 on your website and you have shared the message mentioned at Step 1.
Once you fill this form, our team will review your application. News Blogs and Websites + Web sites with adult content will be rejected. Now you have to just wait for results to be announced.

Note: You will receive timely Email updates from us. Also, you will receive a Newsletter from us. This will contain Blog posts of Nominated Blogs and it can contain your written posts too. Now you have to just wait for the results.

Wishing you all the best from our side.
Thanks for your precious time
Blogging Surgeon

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Friday, 6 October 2017

5 unique traffic building strategies you donot know probabaly


5 Unique Strategies You Can Use To Boost Your Website Traffic:

In this post, Our concentration is on talking about 5 unique traffic building strategies that every Online business must try. Traffic building is one of the main work you have to do in an Online Business.Suppose what if people have not discovered Facebook and it has not gained much traffic in its initial days. The possibility is its CEO must have shut down it. 
Same implies to all Online Businesses. Your business can be a success online, only and only if it gets traffic and people discover it. This is the reason we are writing this post and this Blog probably. Here is the list of 5 Unique Strategies You Can Use To Boost Your Website Traffic:

1. Help From Facebook Pages of Your Niche: There are many pages active there on Facebook which are particularly not associated with any particular website or a business. They share the best content they found on the web at their pages which they found from different websites. You can find such pages in all niches.
The audience of such pages pays a good attention to their posts because they always try to share the best content and do not share same Blog posts again and again. Now In order to build traffic, you have to find and contact these Facebook pages and you have to ask them to share your Blog post. 
For example, Recently I messaged an admin of one such page and asked him to share one of my Blog posts. He did the same and here is the result of it:

In this same way, there are multiple numbers of pages active which can help you to get some visitors easily without doing much effort. There are many twitter handles also which do the same work of posting unique links. They can also be used to build traffic to a website.

2. Answering in Forums: You can be an active member in forums like Quora. They are great sources of traffic.The thing is you get the targeted audience from them. Not only Quora there are many other forums which are related to a particular niche only (Quora is a multiple niche forum). You can also be a part of them. This will bring you traffic and will improve your knowledge and you will get good contacts. If your Niche is same as us and you are also reading our posts 😊 you can be active in forums like Blogger help forum, Adsense help forum and Webmasters Help Forum (Warning: Don't spam them. Otherwise they will block you. Or if you have to spam them and there is no other chance, spam them with smartness )

3. Giveaways and Contests: Recently we announced a Contest For Bloggers in which we are giving prizes worth more than 100 USD amount. We got a lot of visitors at that Blog post. If you have a good budget then you can use this marketing strategy of organizing award shows and rewarding the best.
This can be used to make links also as you can submit your contest at different websites and get links for the same.You have to just find such sites which register contests for free and you have to submit your contest there.

4. Discovery engines: There are many discovery engines like Stumbleupon and Spinsnap where you can submit your website to get traffic. We have already written about them recently at these links:
How to use Stumbleupon to increase traffic and How to use Spinsnap to build traffic.
These discovery search engines are great sources of traffic, especially for Entertainment niche websites. You can check the above posts if you have not read them yet

5. Youtube commenting: You have probably listened about Blog commenting many times. We are introducing you to Youtube commenting.
When I started this Blog, Youtube was my major source of traffic. There is a video out there which was titles as What is Affiliate Marketing?
It was in trending videos for some days. A lot of people were commenting their doubts below it but the admin was not responding to them. I started replying to them with a link to my Blog posts where needed. I engaged a lot of people with the same technique. Especially If you have some How to articles this method can work great for you.

Thanks for your precious time
Blogging Surgeon

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Contest For Bloggers- 2017 - Hosted By Blogging Surgeon

With increasing craze of Blogging among people of the world, there is a tremendous increase in the number of Blogs and Websites. As we mention in one of our startup ideas: Startup idea of an Online Award Show we think it is necessary that good Blogs, no matter whether they are just newly build or are there for years, they should be given proper recognition and prize for there work. Although there are many Blogging Communities that organize such contest on yearly or monthly basis but in most of these communities only the Blogs which are there from long time are rewarded. There is nothing bad in that and old experienced Bloggers must get reward for there hard work but New Bloggers should also be rewarded so they can do Blogging with much more interest in coming future and the world can get more quality Blogs.

In order to do this, We are organizing an Contest For Bloggers this year. The contest will be a simple online event in which we will award both new blogs and also some good old blogs. There is nothing like 1st winner or 2nd winner in this. We have multi prizing system. So we will award multiple winners. Note that only those Blogs will be eligible for the prize who will submit their application for participation during the nomination time by filling the Google Form provided at our website.

The Award Show will include prizes like Gift cards, Free Tshirts and other goodies. Here are some important dates for those who are willing to participate in the contest :

  • Notification on : 4th October
  • Nomination starts on : 13th October
  • Nomination ends on :  13th December ( Now Date Extended to 31st December )
  • Results on : 15th January 2018
  • To nominate your blog visit: Nominate your Blog for Best Blogger Awards
We are expecting some 1000+ participants in this award show and this is the only reason why the process of the Award show is going to be so late. We are accepting entries from Bloggers of all niches. Adult blogs and News Blog are not eligible for participation. 
All entries will be properly reviewed by our team and Blogs who will not meet the simple guidelines will be removed from the competition without any notification.

Award Show for Bloggers


Que 1: How an entry will be judged?
Answer 1: An entry will be judged on basis of Blog design, Blog Content and Blog Frequency in 2:7:1 

Que 2: I use a .blogspot or .wordpress domain and has not bought a custom domain yet. Am I eligible?
Answer: Yes you are eligible to participate and we have reserve prizes for such Blogs also

Que 3: If a Blog get less traffic but has quality content Can it win a prize?
Answer: Yes as we mentioned above 70% of winning chances depends on Quality of Blog content only so there are a great chances of you to win

Que 4: Can I get money prizes also?
Answer: No money prize has been decided yet. Although we have gift cards with us to award the winners

Que 5: I am under 18. Can I submit my entry?
Answer: Yes you can but you have to use email account of your guardian or your parents

Que 6: Are blogs in regional language eligible for participation?
Answer: No, only Blogs written in English are eligible. 

Que 7: Which countries are eligible to participate?
Answer: Bloggers from India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Nepal, USA, Nigeria, Philippines, Canada and Australia are eligible. Blogs From any other country are not accepted.

Que 8: Within How many days I will receive the prize?
Answer: All prizes will be dispatched within 15 days of results.

Que 9: Can I refer someone on my behalf?
Answer: No only the owners of the Blogs are eligible to submit an entry. We will check whether the original person is submitting his/her blog or not by code verification method or by Facebook page verification method.

Que 10: Is there any fees for the contest?
Answer: No it is completely free to nominate your Blog

Que 11: I have a Tumblr blog. Am I eligible?
Answer: It does not matters to us on which platform your blog is hosting. If you have a good blog which offers better content to the readers you are surely eligible

Cloudways  the web hosting giant has joined us as an Official sponsor of this event. They are offering free $10 hosting credit to our contest participants and blog readers. You can use this code to avail this offer: iamwinner 
You will get $10 hosting credit from them if you use the above code. For more details on How to avail this great offer visit: How can I avail 10$ hosting credit from cloudways?

Note: Now as we mentioned above nomination is going to start on 10th October but till then do not site idle. In the meantime share about this competition at your Blog and social handles. As this is the very first season for this Bloggers Award Show, we want to make it a huge success.
Also comment down Below whether you are participating or not. Your feedback under this post matters a lot for us and according to that only we are going to decide further things.
Like our Facebook Page for future updates: Blogging Surgeon At Facebook 
If you have any questions, queries or feedback write to us at: Contact us at Email

Now as you have read all the terms and guidelines we thing now it is the time for you to nominate your blog by filling this form. To nominate your blog visit: Nominate your Blog for Best Blogger Awards

Thanks for your precious time
Blogging Surgeon- Sahil

To avail your 10$ Hosting credit visit: Cloudways and use the code: iamwinner

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Monday, 2 October 2017

Using Streak to do successful email marketing for more traffic


Using Streak to do successful email marketing for more traffic and better Email marketing

Managing email lists, creating successful email campaigns, replying to emails etc.are the most important tasks in an Online Business. Most of the online businesses go for business email address and they get additional features along with that business emails but many people stick to simple email address only. (Note: A business email is an email which includes your company name at the end of email address. For e.g. [email protected] is a simple email address. If we remove the term from it and replace it with it will turn out to be a business email address)

In this post, we are going to talk about Streak. It is a tool which can help you to save time while managing your inbox, you can track whether the readers are opening your email messages or not, count the total number of views to an email, schedule emails and do much more for free. (Premium plans are also there, but you can also go for a simple free plan which can track 200 emails every month and if you are a big company then there is nothing bad in going for a paid plan)

In this post we are going to talk about Streak - A CRM for Gmail. This tool can help you in improving your productivity by saving your time while managing gmail, you can do better marketing and get a lot of additional benefits. Now we know many questions are coming to your mind. So let us answer them all one-by-one:

What is Streak?

Streak is a popular CRM tool which can be integrated with Gmail. CRM term here refers to Customer relationship Management. You can install it in your Gmail with single click. There is an extension available for it and you can install it in your browser.

Complete Guide on Streak- CRM For Gmail
Complete Guide About Streak-CRM For Gmail

What are the benefits of installing Streak?

If you are someone who takes a good care of his inbox, use Gmail account frequently then we suggest you to install this tool without any second thoughts. 
When we came to know about it, we were having different thoughts in our mind like it will kill the ease of using gmail, or possibility is our account will start hanging or will start giving any other errors but when we use it, it completely changed our way of using Gmail. After using it for more then two months now, we can say that you can easily trust this tool
It will not cause any interference with your way of using Gmail and its additional features will help you a lot. Here I have listed some important features of Streak, which will make you install it in your browser also:

1) Track the Email message: You can easily track that whether someone is reading your messages or not. Whenever we send updates to our subscribers whose count is some 200 now, we first send a mail to only 25 subscribers and we see How many of them views it. It gives us a rough estimate that whether the Subject of email is right or it should be more catchy. It really makes Email marketing better this way. 

2) Schedule your Email messages: You can easily schedule your email messages without having a professional business email address. To do this you just need this awesome CRM Streak. When you will install it you will start seeing an option for scheduling messages in the Email composer. 

3) You can snooze messages: When you snooze Email messages it means you are removing them from your inbox for a particular time. For e.g. Recently I got an Email update from Google Webmasters Blog. I was having no time to read it but I cannot miss it. As I am a person who loves to keep his inbox clean I snoozed that message for two days. Now after two days It will be back to my inbox and I will give a read to it then.

4) Creating Pipelines: This is exceptionally one of the greatest feature especially for those who sell something online, or do something like managing events etc. You can create pipelines using this Streak. I will make you understand what Pipelines are so let we take an example. 
Suppose you are hiring Marketing experts for your Online Startup. So for that purpose you are now in contact with multiple people. 
So what you can do is you can create a pipeline with title hiring. Under this pipeline you can make multiple stages like Resume, Interview, Written Test , Result etc. and maintain records of everyone and do make your hiring process successful. Once event is completed means you complete the hiring process and your new workers join you, you can delete this pipeline
In same way you can make pipelines for other projects. Although frankly speaking I do not use this function much as I still believe and love to manage all these things at my pocket diary.

Otherwise with all these features we can say that Streak is a great free tool and it is you should have it in your Gmail as well
We would love to hear about your experiences with Streak. Comment them in the inbox with the ratings you give to this free tool. To download it visit: Streak-CRM For Gmail.
Thanks for reading.
If you are reading my blog first time-This is Sahil- Blog Surgeon

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