Best Blogspot Templates For Affiliate Websites

Blogger is still one of the most used platforms for Blogging and website building. 

Instead of buying a poor hosting, which remains down many times a month you should use Blogspot for building your website. It can handle very good amount of traffic easily.

Moreover working with Blogger is easy as compared to many other platforms.

If you are planning to build an Affiliate Niche website (Basically Amazon Niche website) at Blogspot, then this post is a must read for you because we are going to discuss about the Top 5 Best Blogspot Templates which you can use for building and running your Affiliate site.

Actually, while selecting a theme for you Affiliate site, there are a lot of features and functanolities you need to consider. Some of the major things you need to consider includes:

Signs of a Good Blogspot Theme For an Affiliate Site

1. A good responsive theme which loads properly at Both Mobiles and Desktop:  Optimizing the website, for a good desktop view is the first thing you always need to do. 

Second priority should be optimizing the theme for the most used mobile devices in your target country. For example, If United States of America is my target country, then after optimizing my website for desktop, I will optimize it for a good view on iPhone as iPhones are most used devices in USA.

Later on I will optimize site for other devices. 

2. Selection of a clean light weight template is crucial: A light weight template which does not takes much time to load is also a necessity.

This is because site load time is an important ranking factor these days. Hence a good light weight template helps you achieve good on-page SEO.

3. Make sure the theme is visually appealing: The theme which you are going to use for your Affiliate website should be visually appealing. 

It should display medium size featured images and if possible a slider in the Top of the theme will be really useful.

4. Themes with Two Top Headers converts much better: A theme with two top menus converts much better than themes with a single menu.

You can use one menu to add pages like About us, Contact us and Disclaimer pages and other menu to add categories of your content and related pages.

Here is an example of a theme with two menus. (Menu 1 and Menu 2 are labelled for reference in the below image)

Double Menu Blogger Template
Double Menu Blogger Template

In this post, we will consider all those themes which have all these features. They are responsive, mobile friendly and are visually appealing light weight themes.

Best Blogspot Themes For Affiliate Websites

# Crystal Blogger Template : It is a clean and beautiful optimized theme. If we consider the point of visual appearance, this theme can be rated 5 out of 5 stars.

If you make use of a CDN and optimize your images properly, you can easily achieve a good speed with this template. Some top functionalities available in this theme are:

  • Social followers counter available.
  • Social share buttons below articles below are available.
  • Author box and Go to Top button are integrated within the theme.
  • Customization is easy. Beautiful drop down menus available.
  • Wordpress version is also available. So If you plan to move to wordpress in near future, you can keep the same looks of your website.
  • Ads ready, Responsive and SEO optimized Blogger theme.

Apart from all these functionalities there are a lot of other features made available by the author.

Crystal Blogger Template For Affiliate website
Crystal Blogger Template For Affiliate website
                                                        Download Now

If you are planning to launch an Affiliate website, you should consider looking at this theme once.

Though it is a paid template for Blogspot but its worth trying: Get Crystal Blogger Template

# Shouters theme for Blogger: This is a free Blogspot template (paid version also available) which you can use for your Affiliate niche website

It has two top menus, an Email subscribe option integrated in the top, easy to customize layout and a lot of other functionalities.

This template does not has an author box below the articles but the option of a customized author box in the footer is provided. 

Otherwise, this theme converts really well for the Affiliate sites. Here are the major functionalities available in this Blogger template:

  • Fast loading and properly SEO optimized
  • If you remove the featured posts option, the theme looks amazing at all Mobile devices.
  • Email subscribe button
  • Three different columns in the footer.
  • Go-to-top button is already integrated in this template.
  • Adsense optimized

Shouters Blogspot Template For Affiliate website
Shouters Blogspot Template For Affiliate website
                                                          Download Now

Though free version of this template is available but you can not remove credits from the footer if you use this template.

In order to remove credits, you need to purchase this template. 

** There is one major problem that I felt with this template and that is the top Email subscribe button. If you do not want to make use of the RSS feed, it is pretty useless.

# Sunrise and Sunset Blogger Template : With proper customizations this template can be made of great use for an Affiliate niche website.

This themes comes with a slider, responsive and clean design. This theme can be made to load in seconds due to its design. Desktop view is heck converting for Affiliate sites.

Integrated author box, you might also like option for showing related posts, useful shortcodes, multi dropdown column and share buttons are available within the template.

Here are the top functionalities of this Blogspot template
  • Responsive and SEO optimized
  • Easy to customize theme
  • Instagram widget available at the bottom to show your Instagram posts (Personally I donot recommended to use it for Affiliate sites)
  • Custom contact page.
  • Top slider and Image thumbnails makes the theme visually appealing

Blogspot Affiliate Theme- Sunrise
Sunrise Blogger Template For Affiliate Website
                                                        Download Now

This is a paid Blogspot theme for Affiliate websites. It convert well for sites based on niches like Fashion, Fashion accessories, Pets etc. Here is the link from where you can get this template: Get Sunrise Blogspot Template

# Viral Magazine Blogger Template : A very neat and clean design, less page loading time and less page size makes this template perfect for your Affiliate website as you can achieve do good On-page-SEO with this template.

Related posts widget, featured posts widget and other features of this theme makes it suitable for websites with huge number of articles.

If you are planning to launch a website where you plan to post good amount of articles, you must consider this theme once. Here are the other top functionalities on this template:
  • Clean look and responsive.
  • Template converts well for mobile users
  • Adsense optimized spaces.
  • Smart customization and contact form ready template

Viral Blogger Template for Blogspot Affiliate website

Viral Blogger Template for Blogspot Affiliate website

                                                        Download Now

The only thing I disliked is the sidebar in the desktop view is similar to Free Blogspot templates. You need to do proper tweaks to make it look professional.

Here is the link from where you can get this template: Viral Blogger Template For Blogspot Affiliate websites.

Note: We have tested all these templates at Iphone 5, HTC one and Google Nexus 7 by making the use of

If we found some more templates, we will update this list in the future. Till that you can subscribe to our Blog for receiving Email updates and notifications about our new Blog posts

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