Blogspot Tutorials : Everything About Google Blogspot

Google Blogspot is still among one of the oldest and most used platforms used for Blogging.

Google Blogspot comes with a lot of useful features. You can write Blogs, add images, videos, emojis to your content, monetize your content and make money from your Blog, add a custom domain to your Blog, add third party themes, add third party commenting systems if you want and do a heck lot of other useful things.

Blogspot is a totally free service and you do not need to pay any single penny for using it. 

In this page, we have listed all the Blogspot tutorials which can be useful for Blogspot users. If you are a Blogspot user, this page can be a gold-mine for you. 

The list includes mostly everything you can do with Blogger. Here below is the list of all the tutorials.

Blogspot Tutorials: Everything You Can Do With Google Blogspot

Tutorial 1:- How to make a Blog at Blogspot (Blogger) Platform:- This is a tutorial which shows you step by step How you can make your Blogspot Blog by showing you detailed steps.

If you are someone who wants to make a Blog without spending a single penny, you must look at this Tutorial. 

Tutorial 2:- How to Add Nofollow Attribute in Blogspot (Blogger):- This tutorial explains you in detail How to make your links Nofollow in Blogspot (Blogger).

Along with it, this tutorial will give you good details about Backlinks, Inbound and Outbound links and clear other basic commonly used SEO terminologies.

Tutorial 3:- How to Insert Alt attribute in Blogspot :- Adding appropriate Alt attribute to your images can help you boost your rankings.

Inserting images without adding alt attributes is a wrong SEO practice. This tutorial teaches you How to add alt attribute in Blogspot (Blogger) images.

Along with it, this post will explain you other important aspects and practices related to Image SEO.

Tutorial 4:- How to Insert Adsense Ads Inside Blogspot:- In this article, we have discussed the best practices that a Blogspot user should follow while Inserting Adsense Ads inside his Blog posts.

Tutorial 5:- How to get Adsense account approval for Blogspot (Blogger) Blog:- This post tells you How to get Adsense account approval for your Blogspot Blog.

The post also discusses and breaks common myths related to Google Adsense, talks about Best Adsense Optimized Themes for Blogspot users and discusses a lot of other useful stuff.