Google Adsense Guide- Everything You Need To Know

Google Adsense is one of the most effective monetization method used by Bloggers and websites owners around the world to monetize their content and make money from it.

Google Adsense is basically a program offered by Google, with the help of which you can place ads on your website or Blog and make money online.

As a beginner or newbie, when someone encounters with the term "Google Adsense" a lot of questions and queries takes birth in the mind of that person.

In this post we will basically cover up every minute detail you need to know about Google Adsense and we will answer all of your queries.

Also, A lot of myths and rumors related to Google Adsense and Google Adsense approval are popular among the people. In this post we will break the popular myths related to Google Adsense and discuss the realities.

So Let us start the discussion:-

What is Google Adsense?

Google is the most popular search engine currently. It can answer your queries with best results in seconds.

Thousands of dollars are spend by Google in order to make it search platform better. The more better and fast their search engine becomes, the more users they grab.

Now, Google is obviously not a NGO. They spend money to make money. The prime method with help of which Google makes money is by serving ads in its search results.

If you search for anything on Google, you will see some paid results (i.e. Ads) which helps Google make money. You can refer to picture 1 for reference.

Adsense guide:  How Google Make Money
Picture 1: How Google Make Money

Picture 1 shows How for keyword like Blogging, ads of some website are shown at the top of the search result. To highlight the ads shown we have made the use of black box. Hence this is How Google makes money.

On similar roots, Google offer a program to publishers (you can include Bloggers, Content makers and Website owners in the list) to show ads on their own websites called Google Adsense.

With the help of Google Adsense, you can shows ads on your website. When someone clicks on the ad or even when someone views the ads you get paid for it.

The amount you get when someone clicks on your ads is more than the amount you get when someone views the ads only but do not click on it.

The major reason behind success of Google Adsense program is that it offer personalized ads to the viewers. 

This means if someone was searching for shoes before visiting your website, it is highly possible that when that person will view your website he will see advertisement of shoes on your website. Hence, interest-based ads are shown by users to Google Adsense.

As Interest based ads are shown by Google Adsense, chances are higher that the ad viewer will click on the ad and will be influenced by the ad for sure. This is beneficial for both the advertisers and publishers and it is one of the major reason behind success of Google Adsense.

Please note, there is a process which you need to follow if you want to show ads on your website. In order to show ads on your website, you need to first apply for Google Adsense.

Once you apply with the necessary details, someone from Google Adsense's team will review your website and content. After that you will be notified that whether your website is approved or not.

Let us Look at the detailed procedure you need to follow to apply for Google Adsense.

Step- By- Guide Procedure You Need To Follow To Apply For Google Adsense

1. The very first thing you need to do in order to apply for Adsense is to visit the official website of Google Adsense. There you need to click on the Sign up button available.

Applying for Adsense- Step 1
Applying for Adsense- Step 1

Note: If you are a user of Google Blogspot, then you do not need to visit the Google Adsense website. You can directly apply from the Earnings section provided in the Blogger Dashboard

2. When you click on the Sign up now button you will be redirected to a new page where you need to add your Website address and your Email address.

Please note while adding Website address, you need to add it in the form of (for those who use ssl) or (for those who donot use ssl). If you do not use www with your domain you need to add the address as or

All, I want to say is Please donot add your site url only as or Instead of it add the complete url.

Once you add the details, you need to log in to your Email account with help of which you are making the Adsense account. 

3. Once login is successful, you need to select your country and accept the Terms and conditions of Adsense. Once done, click on Create account button.

4. After that you are asked to fill details like Name, Address, Phone number etc. 

Once you fill up the all the Information, you will be asked by Google to place a particular code in your Blog. Once you do that application process will be over and later Google will review the application.

Review process can take from 1 day to 3 weeks. Once the review process is over Google will message you in your Email that whether your application is approved or not.

What to do once Review process is over:-

If Google approves your application for Google Adsense, you can start placing ads in your Blog/website and start making money.

But sadly that does not happens that often. Google is very strict when it comes to Google Adsense. They only accept quality websites and Blogs in Adsense.

Majority of the applications for Adsense are often rejected. The only Good thing is even if your application for Google Adsense gets rejected, you can apply again and again for it and there is no fees for same.

Below, I have mentioned some points which you need to consider to get your Adsense approval at very first step.

Suggestions You Can Consider To Get Your Google Adsense Approved 

Google does not approves each and every application they receive for Google Adsense program. They only accept quality websites with original content. 

Here below are the Top suggestions you need to consider to get your Adsense approved.

# Original content: You need original content in order to get your Adsense approved. If your Blog's content is copied from some other random site, Google will never approve your application.

Hence If you are copying your content from some other website it is better for you that you delete that content. Moreover copying content from other's website without consent can make you fall in some other random problem as well.

Moreover, Google Adsense does not approve websites having Adult and 18+ content. Even I have noticed that they even do not approve content related to Love poetry and related categories.

If you want to get your Adsense approved the best niches in which you can write is Productivity, Time management, Fitness and Health, Education and Science and Technical content.

Before applying for Adsense, make sure that you have some good amount of content at your website. Usually its better to first write some 10-15 posts with 700-800+ words before applying for Adsense.

Otherwise, there is no such guideline by Google about length of content. But majority of applications are rejected with the reason of insufficient content. Hence it is better that before you apply you post some good amount of content.

Good Theme: A good theme is must for getting Adsense approved. You need to properly customize your theme before applying for Google Adsense.

If you are using ads from any other network like or propeller ads do remove them before applying for Adsense.

If Google often rejects your application for Adsense, do change your theme and apply again. Themeforest has a lot of good Adsense optimized themes. You can get one as per your needs and budget. Have a look at all the themes here: Adsense Optimized Themes. 

Stop writing about cracked themes and apks: Google hated piracy and pirated content. If you shared nulled themes, or you share cracked apks or even if you share pirated content including movies you should stop doing it.

Else you will never get your Adsense approved.

If you are a Blogspot user, I suggest you to go through this in-detail tutorial about How to Get Adsense Approval For Blogspot.

Hence original content, with a good customized theme can help you get your Adsense account approved.

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Some Hard Truths Related To Google Adsense That You Must Know

# Google Adsense does not makes thousands of dollars for Everyone:  If your adsense account gets approved, it does not mean that you will start making thousands of dollars from the very next day.

You need a good amount of traffic to make some good money. If you are getting some 10-20 views on daily basis, you earnings are going to be very very low with Adsense. 

There is a 100$ threshold limit which you need to achieve before cashing out the amount you made with Adsense. With low traffic like 10-20 page views daily it will take you months to reach that amount.

Hence, Its better that you side by side keep looking for other monetization options available. Affiliate marketing can be really a good fit for most of the websites.

# Do not involve in activities like Self-clicking:  Some people often gets involved in activities like doing self clicking on their ads in order to make some money. Please note fooling google is not that easy.

They can easily deactivate your account anytime due to suspicious activity. If you think that you will change IP address and then you will click on your own ads to make money, then also this is really a bad idea.

# Try getting traffic from tier-1 countries like USA, UK etc. : Though getting traffic from these nations is not possible for every website owner but you should give it a try.

This is because these countries pay high CPC (the amount you get when someone clicks on your ads) as compared to Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.

Hence traffic from these countries can boost up your earnings.

FAQ's related to Adsense:-

Now, I am sure you must be having many queries related to Adsense. We have answered some commonly asked questions below. Have a look:

Question 1: Can I use Adsense and Affiliate marketing both?
Answer: Yes you can use Google Adsense with Affiliate programs.

Question 2: How much Google Adsense pays per 1000 views?
Answer: There is no such fixed amount. It depends on How much clicks you get and traffic is from which country and a lot of other factors.

So answering and telling an exact amount is impossible. Still an average of 2$-5$ is paid for this much views.

Question 3: Can I use Adsense with my free Blogger website
Answer: Yes you can use Adsense with Blogger Blog. Platform at which website is hosted does not matters to Google Adsense.

Question 4: How Adsense pays the amount we earn from it?
Answer: Adsense earnings can be received using various methods like wire transfer, check etc. Receiving payments by check is not possible in all countries.

Question 5: What are the best alternates to Google Adsense?
Answer: You can try using or propeller ads. Otherwise no platform is as better as Google Adsense

Question 6: Where can I see my Adsense earnings?
Answer: You can login to Adsense dashboard and see your earnings there. Google Adsense application is also available at Playstore.

Question 7: How can I show Adsense ads at my Blogger Blog?
Answer: Once your Adsense account is approved you can go to the layout section >> there click on Add widget option >> there you can see Adsense Gadget at the top.

Question 8: Does traffic from Facebook can effect my Adsense?
Answer: No there is nothing like that and it is just a rumor.

Apart from this I am sure there will be many questions that are coming in your mind. All you need to do is comment them below and we will answer all of them in details.

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