Buying A Domain! All You Need To Do Before Registering A Domain

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A domain name is the face of your Online Business. A good domain name helps you in better branding of your business.

If you somehow by mistake, end up buying a domain name with bad history you can face a heck lot of serious problems.

Hence it is necessary that you buy a good memorable domain name with good history so that you do not face any issue with it later.

While buying and registering a Domain name, you need to take care of the domain name and the words included in it, history of that domain namepenalties on that Domain and do check a ton of other things.

Here below, I have prepared an Infographic which discusses the Top 5 Things you need to consider before buying a Domain name:-

Everything you need to do Before buying a Domain Name
Everything you need to do Before buying a Domain Name

Apart from checking all this stuff related to Domains, you need to select the right Domain name registrar. This is because in the market currently, there are 1000's of domain name registrars who are providing Domain names at different prices.

Some of them are resellers who are charging very high amounts. Also, some domain name registrars provides free privacy protection while some domain name registrars are charging for it. 

Hence you need to select the Best Domain name registrar who provides you the domain at reasonable cost with free privacy protection.

In this post, We will be going to discuss about the Best Domain Name registrars. Along with it we will discuss about the Process of Registering a Domain Name, process of checking history of a domain name and one most important thing we will learn in this post is How to check penalty on a Domain name.

Also, In the end we have left a special discount code for you which you can use to get a domain name at the cheapest price.

So Let us jump into the discussion:- 

How to Select a Good Domain Name:-

A good domain name must be catchy, short and easy to remember. You should always prevent the use of slang words, symbols and numbers etc. in your domain name.

For e.g. If you want to choose a name like learnforfun, then you should write it as learnforfun only. Many beginners who try to become ultracool will try to register learn4fun instead of learnforfun and that is really a bad practice.

Selecting the right Top-Level-Domain (TLD) For Your Domain:-

Top level domain abbreviated as TLDs is the term used for ending part for a domain name. For e.g In BloggingSurgery.Com .com is the TLD.

There are various TLDs like .in, .net, .au, .us, .online etc. available for registration. .edu TLDs are also available in market but they are reserved for educational institutions only. 

Selecting the right TLD is also very important. Usually In general .com TLD is consider best as people are usual to it and majority of internet websites are registered at .com TLD only.

But there are some guidelines (or you can call them as suggestions ) which you must consider before buying the domain name. Have a look at them below

  • Registering a .com TLD is better if you think that you will get traffic from all countries and your audience is not limited to a particular nation.
  • If your audience is limited to a specific country only, then you should use a country specific TLD only. For e.g If you think you are going to get traffic from India only, then you should prefer using a .in TLD instead of .com TLD.
  • If you are a brand, its better if you get two three different TLDs registered for same domain. Though it is not that hard suggestion you should follow always, but if you have some budget you must consider this for sure.

Now, Once you have selected a good domain name, its time to check that whether the domain is available for registration or it is already registered.

You can use any Domain registrar like Namesilo to check that whether a domain is registered or not. 

Once you find a good domain (with good terms included in it) and which is available for registration its time to do research on history of that domain name.

How to See History of a Domain Name:-

Majority of Domain names have a history associated with them. Some domains are never used in past and Hence they have no history.

Its better to use a domain with Good history then a domain with no history.

There is a total of five step procedure which you need to follow in order to check the history of a domain name. Let us see How to do all the steps one by one:-

Step 1: Test whether the Domain name is Indexed in Google or not:- 

Use command on Google to find that whether the domain is indexed in Google or not. 

For e.g. If I want to test whether my website is indexed in Google or not, I will visit Google and type it like and once I do that I will see some results like this:

How to check a site in indexed or not- Buying a Domain Name
How to check a site in indexed or not- Buying a Domain Name

Now as Google is showing results from my website, it clearly indicates my website is indexed in Google.

If a website is not indexed in Google, you will see some results like this:-

Domain Name Not Indexed In Google- Domain Name Registration
Domain Name Not Indexed In Google- Domain Name Registration

This site is owned by one of my friends and the site is still not indexed by Google because its penalized by Google.

Now, why I am telling you all this because using this method, you can use this method to find that whether the domain you going to buy is indexed or not.

It is not that the domain you are going to buy is always going to be indexed. And it is also not that if it is not indexed it is bad and you should not buy that domain name.

But If the domain name is indexed in Google (that usually happens with most expired domains) you can use those results and check whether for what purposes the domain is used back in time.


1. If the domain name is not indexed in Google, you should move to step 2 directly. If the domain name is not indexed in Google, it does not means its a bad domain. So you should use other steps to test its history.

2. If the domain name is indexed in Google, visit the results which are indexed and see for what purposes the domain is used back in time. It is always better practice to find a niche specific expired domain if possible.

3. Also, if the website will be indexed one thing will be 110% clear that the domain is not penalized by Google and it is a very good sign.

Usually domains with good backlinks remain indexed for long time even after the domain expires. 

# Step 2: Make use of Wayback machine:-

Wayback machine can also be used to test the history of an old domain

All you need to do is open the wayback machine and enter the url of the domain you are thinking to buy.

It can help you to check sitemap of the website which will show you all the indexed urls of that website (if it will be used in history) and from the urls you can easily get an idea about what the site is all about.


1. If you do not find anything for that domain in the wayback machine you can move to step 3 mentioned ahead.

2. If the domain is there in wayback machine, you can get an idea about the published content on it with help of sitemap.

(Recently, I was thinking of buying a technical domain name but wayback machine was showing it was having some posts related to 18+ toys and their reviews. So I skipped the idea)

Step 3Check For Backlinks and Anchors:-

This is the most crucial thing you need to do. You need to enter that domain in any backlink checker and check backlinks of that domain.

AHREFS is the best tool to check backlinks but it is a paid tool. So spending money on it just for checking backlinks is surely a silly thing.

So you can use any free tool like: Link Assistant and check backlinks for that domains. If you find backlinks from any spamy domain (like backlinks from any 18+ domain or backlinks from domain with high spam score) you should never buy that domain.

Also while checking backlinks, you should take care of anchor texts. If you see backlinks with any bad anchor text you must prevent that domain.

Step 4Check For Moz Spam Score:-

After finishing Step 3, If you do not find anything suspicious you must start with Step 4. This step is actually similar to Step 3 as it has same objectives and purposes like it.

But still you should do this step.

For it, you need to visit this tool: Open Site Explorer By Moz and check the Spam score of the domain you buying. If it shows something from 0 to 2, you can consider buying that domain.

If it shows you -/17 then also domain is safe to buy. Something more than 2 is not worth to buy.

Step 5Check For Penalties on Google and Facebook-

To find whether a domain is penalized by Google or not, you need to open Google Url Shortner and shorten that domain name you are deciding to buy in future.

After shortening the domain name, just open up the shorten link and if the domain name will be penalized by Google, you will get a message like this:

Domain Name Blocked at Google- Buying a domain name
Domain Name Blocked at Google

Hence, if you are also seeing this message, you should never buy that domain.

To check penalty in Facebook, all you need to do is send that domain name to someone in message or somehow you need to post that domain name at google in form of a post or in comments.

If it will be penalized you will see something like this:

Domain Name Blocked at Facebook- Buying Domain
Domain Name Blocked at Facebook

After doing all these 5 tests, you can get a fair idea about a particular domain and its history.

Once you are done with all this and you have selected a Domain name, all you need is to visit the domain registrar's website and register the domain there.

Choosing the Best Domain Name Registrar:-

There are countless of domain registrars there in market. We compared more than 10 registrars and we personally found Namesilo as the best Domain Name Registrar.

The good thing is they provide free privacy protection when you register a domain name with them while domain name registrars like Godaddy does not provides it for free.

(Hosting plans like Bluehost gives free domain with hosting itself. So If you are planning to run your website at Bluehost hosting, you do not need a domain name).

Moreover Namesilo is one of the cheapest program and their renewal charges are also low. 

Here is a price comparison chart that you should look for sure as it compares some 15 Domain name registrars: Price comparison of more than 15 Domain Name registrars

Hence, After seeing this chart, we can say Namesilo is one of the best domain name registrars. Their support is also quick and that is one other great thing.

Here below, I am adding a customized code which you can use for getting even more discounts at Namesilo:

Use code: Blogsurgeon to get special discounts when you register a Domain Name at Namesilo. Here is the link you need to use while making the purchase: Register Domain Name at cheap price at Namesilo

After registering your domain name successfully you can start working at it. If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback you can post it in comments below. 

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