Affiliate Marketing Live Training : Registration

(Note: Affiliate Training Course Registration is closed now)

A lot of guides and tutorials related to Affiliate marketing are available online. Many people have even made courses and videos on same and no doubt their content is really good.


Teaching is an art. By making courses and selling those courses, an instructor cannot make his student understand the right practices of Affiliate Marketing. 

Most of the instructors do not show How things are practically done. Or Even if some instructors show, they miss out the many important things.

Today, I Blogging Surgeon proudly announce my own Affiliate Marketing Live Training course in which I will show you How to make money from Affiliate marketing from scratch.

I will show you How things are done from scratch by developing a new website and within a time period of 15 days I will show you the results.

And Do note...

In this training, I will show you those things which reap long term benefits and help you make money for longer run.

This training is free, I will teach you Affiliate Marketing from very basic level and you do not need to pay a single penny for it.

Here are the details of curriculum of 15 Day Affiliate Training:-
Day 1 of Affiliate Training:- Basics of Affiliate Marketing- Part A
Day 2 of Affiliate Training:- Basics of Affiliate Marketing- Part B
Day 3 of Affiliate Training:- Setting up the important things
Day 4 of Affiliate Training:- Preparing the content- Part A
Day 5 of Affiliate Training:- Preparing the content- Part B
Day 6 of Affiliate Training:- Preparing the soul-"The Visuals"
Day 7 of Affiliate Training:- Adding Credibility to the Product
Day 8 of Affiliate Training:- Final touch to the Product.
Day 9 of Affiliate Training:- Commencement of Marketing
Day 10 of Affiliate Training:- Marketing of the Product
Day 11 of Affiliate Training:- Marketing of the Product
Day 12 of Affiliate Training:- Marketing of the Product
Day 13 of Affiliate Training:- Marketing of the Product
Day 14 of Affiliate Training:- Marketing of the Product
Day 15 of Affiliate Training:- Marketing of the Product

Day 16:- Showcase of Results

Hence, on the 16th day, we will show you the results. I bet you that if you do this course properly, on the very 16th day you will be an expert in Affiliate Marketing.

As, I mentioned above, the course is free but for a limited number of people now.

You need to Fill the below form in order to secure your seat in the course. Only those people who will successfully registered will get access to the Training material.

Affiliate Marketing Live Training : How To Register

This Affiliate Training is though free, but you need to do some little job for us in return. In order to get registered, you need to pen down the below provided post:-

Affiliate Marketing Live Free Training | No Registration Fees | No Hidden Conditions | Limited Seats | Join Now

And post it with this image: Affiliate marketing training graphics in three Facebook groups with link to this page.

This means, you need to copy the above text and post it with the image provided at the above link in three Facebook groups related to Blogging, Dropshipping or Online Money Making.

Once your post the above content in three facebook groups, you need to copy links of those post and fill the registration form here: Affiliate Marketing Training Registration Form

Once you fill up the above form, you will receive a message within 1-2 days regarding conformation of your seat in the course.

Do note, the course material will be made available in form of text material and everyone who will finish this course properly will be eligible for free support and help to grow their Affiliate business for next 2 months.

The course will be starting from 21th July, 2018 and you can register for it till 19th July 2018 only.  (Date Updated on 13-07-2018)

So do not waste more time and fill up the registration forms. If you have some questions, you can ask them in comments.