💻💻Best Laptop For Blogging: Reviews of 9 Prominent Bloggers

Blogging without a Laptop seems quite impossible. Though you can surely Blog from a Mobile phone or a Tablet too, but it is little bit problematic.

Many a times, you have to copy some code and then paste it in some other tab or sometimes you need to compress an image and upload it to your website or do some other tasks related to Blogging. 

Doing, All this becomes little tough from a mobile phone. 

Hence getting a good Laptop device or a good Desktop PC is surely recommended for every Blogger. 

Laptops are though most times preferred over Desktops just because working with a Laptop gives you independence to change your position as you can move from one place to other easily.

Selecting a good Laptop device becomes very necessary for Bloggers. This is because, a Laptop is the major instrument for a Blogger and we Bloggers use it whole day.

While Selecting a good Laptop, we have to look for Laptops which offers good speed and performance, have good battery life, are durable, offer good screen quality, processor, have comfortable keyboard, provides enough storage, have a pocket friendly price, good hardware specifications and consider a heck lot of other factors.

Hence, selecting a good Laptop sometimes becomes a little uneasy task. 

This is the reason we tried to find out the solution to this problem. 

Best Laptop For Blogging
💻💻Best Laptop For Blogging

We contacted some prominent Bloggers and asked them questions like Which Laptop they are using for Blogging, Are they satisfied with the performance of their present Laptop, Which Laptop is best for Bloggers in their opinion, Do they recommend that Laptop to other fellow Bloggers and some other related queries.

We also made some popular freelancers and Internet professionals participate in this survey.

The responses we got from these famous Bloggers are really helpful and can help you select a good Laptop for Blogging or any other job you do.

I have quoted these responses below and taking reference of these unbiased reviews you can choose a good Laptop for Blogging or any other Internet job you do.

Best Laptop For BloggingReviews of 9 Prominent Bloggers and Internet Professionals

1. Akshay Hallur (Admin:- GoBloggingTips.com)

Akshay is a professional Blogger and a Digital Marketer who writes about Digital Marketing and its related domains.

When I asked him about the device he uses for Blogging, Akshay told that he uses Apple Macbook Air and iMac 27' for Blogging and his other virtual activities.

He is satisfied and happy with the performance of both these devices. 

He quotes that, 

"You may be thinking that I'm an Apple fanboy. Nopes. I don't like iPhones, Infact I switched back to Android from iOS. Androids are the best. But when it comes to PC, Mac is the best and leaps and bounds ahead of Windows when it comes to UI/UX. If you are serious about Blogging and if you can afford always go for Mac machines. They are powerful, and pleasure to work on"
Akshay added, "Beware, before going towards Mac because If you go you will love it and will never switch back.

Hence, As per Akshay, Macbook Air which gives him 12 hours battery backup is the Best laptop for Blogging.

2. Marko Saric (HowToMakeMyBlog.com)

Marko is a popular Blogger, Marketer and an amazing writer. He uses Macbook for Blogging and his other Internet jobs.

Marko quoted,
"I like Macbooks and You can totally rely on them unlike Windows."
He added that he is totally satisfied with performance of his device and he strongly recommends Macbook to other inspiring Bloggers and Internet professionals.

3. Sajjad Shahid (Cloudways.com)

Sajjad works as Ecommerce community manager with Cloudways, the popular managed hosting platform.

A well known name to many involved in Ecommerce field, Sajjad Shahid uses a Lenovo Ideapad 110 laptop for managing his day-to-day Internet activities.

He says that he is totally satisfied with performance of this Laptop and he strongly recommends it to others. He quoted,
"I believe the best laptop for Blogging does not have to be expensive or cheap but it must be comfortable enough for you to produce and complete a blog."

4. Adarsh Verma (FossBytes.com)

Adarsh Verma is Cofounder of FossBytes. FossBytes receives more than 3 million monthly pageviews and is one of the fastest growing Tech media startups of India.

Adarsh told me that, He uses Macbook Air for his day to day jobs at Internet.

He added that he is totally satisfied with Performance of Macbook Air and strongly recommends it to other growing Bloggers and Internet professionals.

5. Dr. Amrita Basu (HealthWealthBridge.com)

Doctor Amrita Basu is a popular Indian Lifestyle Blogger. You can see her articles trending at IndiBlogger many times.

She is using HP i5 Notebook from the last two years and is totally satisfied with performance of her device.

She says that this device is a great value for money and it has made her vlogging journey easier.

Doctor added that,

"A good laptop makes the writing and Blogging journey more easier. Amrita told that She has experience of Blogging from a mobile phone too. She suggests that those who cannot afford a Laptop yet, can start Blogging from a mobile phone. She also suggested that Taking care of your electronic device is side by side also very important. She has a two year old daughter who loves to sit on the keyboard of her Laptop." 😊😊

6. Hitesh Bhasin (Marketing91.com)

Hitesh Bhasin is Admin of Marketing91. Marketing91 is one of the most popular Blog among MBA students.

Hitesh uses Macbook Air for Blogging and he is very satisfied with the performance of his device.

He strongly recommends Macbook Air to other fellow Bloggers and also adds that the tools you use side by side are equally important in growing your Blog as your Laptop.

7. Akshat Verma (AkshatBlog.com)

Akshat is a popular Indian technology Blogger and owns many popular Technology websites.

He uses Fujitsu Lifebook AH532 for Blogging purposes and says that he is highly satisfied with its performance and recommends it to everyone who is looking for a budget Laptop.

He added that,

"I only use this Laptop for small day-to-day tasks like Checking mails, browsing Internet or use it while travelling. He owns a personal computer as well and uses it for major tasks like Blogging and content creation."

8. Sujoy Dhar (WideInfo.org)

Sujoy is an expert in Cpanel Server Administration, Wordpress and Search Engine Optimization. He is also the Admin of WideInfo.org a popular Indian Blog.

Sujoy uses Apple Macbook Pro for Blogging and his other Internet jobs. He says that he is totally satisfied with his Laptop and highly recommends it to other aspiring Bloggers and Internet professionals.

9. Pulkit Sharma (Bank-Info.in)

A CA by profession, Pulkit sharma runs many websites related to Banking, GST and related topics. Some of his sites receive half million views/month and are growing continuously.

Pulkit also uses Macbook air for Blogging. He says that,

"I am highly satisfied with performance of Apple Macbook air and I highly recommend it to other Bloggers. Its one of the Best things a Blogger can have."

💻Conclusion: 5 Best Laptops For Blogging💻

1. Apple Macbook Air

Apple Macbook Air can be labelled as the Best Laptop for Blogging. Its 10-12 hours battery backup is one main thing that appeals to most of the Bloggers.

It comes with an Intel core i5 processor which can be credited for its fast better performance.

Macbook Air comes under a 13 inch variant only. Both 128 and 256 GB SSD variants are made available though.

It is little bit costly though but comes with a warranty of 1 year. Here is a detailed review video which you can consider viewing before buying:-

(If you do not want to watch this and just want to buy your Macbook air, you can get it here >>> Buy Apple Macbook Air)

2. HP i5 Notebook

HP i5 notebook can be ranked at second position in this list. It is a cost effective best Laptop for Bloggers and Internet professionals especially who prefer using Windows.

If you need a pocket friendly device, you can buy HP i5 Notebook. The only problem with it is of battery backup.

It also comes with an Intel core i5 processor, 15.6 inch screen and 1 TB Hard disk size.

Laptop is quite heavy as compared to Macbook. Still you will not face any issue with it.

Warranty of the laptop can be extended to 2 years by paying some additional amount.

You can buy it here >>> HP i5 Notebook

3. Lenovo Ideapad 110

If you want to save some more bucks, investing in a Lenovo Ideapad 110 or in a HP i3 notebook is recommended. 

HP i3 notebook works like a charm. The only problem you get with HP is the poor battery life. It is just a smaller variant of HP i5 notebook as it has i3 processor.

Other specifications are mostly same. Obviously i3 notebook is cheaper than i5.

I have personally used it and I have faced not a single issue with it in the last two years.

Lenovo on the other hand has really positive reviews and it is the best pocket friendly solution and even cheaper than HP i3 notebook.

You can buy it here:- Lenovo Ideapad 110 

It is highly recommended for those who are low at budget and want to get the best laptop in minimum pricing.


Best Pocket Friendly Laptop For BloggingHP i5 Notebook
Cheapest Best Laptop For BloggingLenovo Ideapad 110
Best Laptop For Blogging (Budget No Bars)Macbook Air

Please, keep in mind that all these reviews are unbiased, unpaid and the listings are made neither to benefit nor to harm the reputation and sales of any brand.

We hope that After reading these reviews, you can surely make your selection and select a good laptop for Blogging.

Comment down below and Let us know which device you bought and which you are currently using with its proper reviews.

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