Is The Free Cloudflare SSL Trusted? [Q/A Sessions]

A valid SSL certificate helps you encrypt(secure) the connections which are establishing in between your web server and your visitor's browser.

Moreover, by using a SSL certificate you can show a green lock at top of the browser's window when someone will open your website. (Something like shown in the below picture)

Can I Trust Cloudflare Free SSL
Can I Trust Cloudflare Free SSL

Moreover, it has also been noticed that websites using SSL gets good ranking in organic search results than the websites not using SSL.

Hence, it becomes really important that if you are not using SSL, you should start using it.

Both Free and Paid SSL certificates are available. You can get a Free SSL certificate from Cloudflare or from Lets encrypt and it will never cause you any issue.

Both Cloudflare and Lets encrypt are totally trusted and you can use their SSL certificates without any second thought. (It is recommended to get a paid SSL certificate if you run a website that involves online transactions)

Cloudflare SSL is free for lifetime and there is no fees for it if you signup for a free website plan. They do have paid plans too.

Using Cloudflare SSL certificate is more recommended over Lets encrypt because Cloudflare is mainly a CDN (Content-Delivery Network) and Hence not only it gives you free SSL but also provides you many other options to secure and fasten up your website.

Do note, you can still use Cloudflare CDN to speed up your website even if you have a valid ssl certificate bought from any other third party website.

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