Sunday, 18 March 2018

News:- Cloudways Hosting Giveaway Worth 17,000$ +

Cloudways which is one of the fastest growing managed web hosting provider is hosting a giveaway worth 17,000$ + amount. This giveaway does include useful tools and subscriptions to various plugins and services. Hosting credits from cloudways are also included in it.

Giveaway For Bloggers
Giveaway For Bloggers

You can participate in the contest by visiting the link here: Cloudways Grand Year-In-Review Giveaway  

To participate you first need to visit the above given link and submit your Email address to them. Later once your entry is confirmed you can look on different ways to add more entries in order to increase your chances of winning.

For e.g Subscribing to their Youtube channel will give you 10 extra entries. In same way liking them on Facebook, posting about them on twitter does.

The more entries you will have in the contest the more chances are there that you will win the contest. 

This is really one of the greatest giveaways for Bloggers, Web developers and other Internet professionals. You can enter in the giveaway till end of this March 2018.

Though they have not mentioned about any money prize in the giveaway but the tools and subscriptions are useful enough for every Blogger and Digital Marketer.

Here is the link for the giveaway page where you can participate: Cloudways Giveaway

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